Azamara® Announces New Explorations for 2022 and 2023 with More Country-Intensive℠ Itineraries Than Ever Before

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
By Azamara

Miami, FL (September 2020): Destination-focused cruise line, Azamara, is excited to announce the remainder of itineraries for 2022 as well as 2023 (Q1), featuring over 80 new itineraries, and more than 170 overnights and 300 late night stays. As the brand furthers its commitment to more in-depth exploration by connecting guests to a country’s local life and culture, Azamara will offer more Country-Intensive Voyages between 2022 and 2023 than ever before, allowing guests to experience iconic destinations as well as hidden gems, all within a single country.

“As the leader in Destination Immersion®, we are always enthusiastic about sharing our new deployment, this year it’s even more special as we have the opportunity to announce an extension of our Country-Intensive Voyages,” says Chief Operating Officer, Carol Cabezas. “When we were working on our itineraries for 2022/2023, our goal was to invite new and returning guests to explore places they have never visited before, or better yet, connect our guests to a country they have traveled to before, but adding in ports that are considered hidden gems to allow for a new experience, which our Country-Intensives are designed to offer.”

With over 275 ports of call in more than 70 countries, 26 of the ports will be offered in Greece, with two maiden ports: Syros, and Tinos. Azamara will also add on returning guest favorites including, Greece Country-Intensives, voyages to the Black Sea and Egypt-Israel intensive voyages. Further south, Azamara will continue another guest favorite, South Africa Intensive voyages.  

Highlights of some maiden ports include:

  • Off the beaten path, Syros, Greece: Far less hedonistic than its neighbors, Mykonos and Santorini. Instead, it offers an authentic look at what Greek life is truly like on the Cyclades. Home to fantastic food and beautiful beaches, Syros is a hidden gem that doesn’t necessarily want to be discovered — only further adding to its unmistakable charm.

  • Poignant Landmarks, Pink Lakes, and Free-Roaming Wildlife in Dakar, Senegal: Enigmatic, electric, and endlessly explorable, Dakar dazzles on the West African coast. Jutting out on the Cape Verde Peninsula, the city is the westernmost point of the African continent, and was an important trading point for European colonial powers.

  • A wonderland of urban delights and pastoral pursuits in Aberdeen, Scotland:  Remote and northerly, Scotland’s third largest city is a surprising gem with distinctive architecture and a cosmopolitan feel. Admire the granite architecture that varies from highly ornamented Victorian to robust, rough-hewn Scottish façade in the heart of quaint Old Aberdeen

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About Azamara:

Azamara is an upmarket cruise line and the leader in Destination Immersion, with three mid-sized ships sailing to all seven continents of the world. The boutique-style ships allow them to reach marquee ports around the world and dock in smaller less-visited hidden gems. Azamara’s commitment to creating immersive experiences for travelers to connect with local cultures, allows guests to travel deeper with longer stays, more overnights, and night touring.  Guests can experience a boutique hotel at sea with inclusive amenities such as gratuities, beverages and more.

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