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Introducing Azamara Pursuit

Friday, November 29, 2019
By Azamara

The time to set out in pursuit of new destinations is here! If you’ve been tuned into the Azamara® news lately, you know that Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey are welcoming a new sister ship to the family—Azamara Pursuit!

With this new addition, Azamar is introducing guests to exciting maiden destinations, new itineraries, and even more immersive experiences around the world. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Azamara Pursuit!

61 More Destinations

The world isn’t getting any smaller, so Azamara is getting bigger! With the addition of Azamara Pursuit comes a world of new adventures, to places you’ve always dreamed of—or only just heard about. From the top of the map in Iceland, to the opposite end of the world in Antarctica (and everything in between) including a return to South America, our new ship is introducing 61 more destinations to Azamara.

15 Maiden Ports

The thrill of travel and discovery never gets old, that’s why with Azamara Pursuit we are uncovering not one, not two, but 15, totally new-to-Azamara destinations—yes, you read that right! From entirely new countries like Chile and Peru to unique ports in beloved locales like Greece, you’ll love exploring these bucket list locales. The only question is, which will you cross off first?

7 Continents

Have you dreamed of visiting all seven of the world’s continents? Now you can do just that aboard Azamara! With Azamara Pursuit‘s addition of destinations in Antarctica and South America, together our three ships are setting sail for every continent in the world. All you have to do is come aboard!

19 New Itineraries

At the heart of Azamara is enriching, immersive, and authentic travel experiences—and voyages aboard Azamara Pursuit will be no exception. Like its sisters, the boutique ship will deliver the most unique local experiences, giving guests a true taste of diverse cultures and peoples. From hiking across a lava field and descending into the heart of a volcano in Iceland to celebrating New Year’s Eve in South America, Azamara Pursuit will not only take guests to exciting new places but give them more opportunities to discover what these destinations are all about.

48 Late Nights

Most cruise lines leave port before sunset. Lucky for you, Azamara isn’t most cruise lines. Not only will Azamara Pursuit take you to new ports, but it’ll stay longer in each one—giving you time to experience more of the world’s most beautiful backdrops before setting sail to your next port.

26 Overnights

Some destinations are simply impossible to see in one day, so Azamara Pursuit offers itineraries around the world with overnight stays in ports like Iceland, South America, and Greece! Whether you are exploring on your own, joining a shore excursion after the sun sets, or taking in an AzAmazing evening, you’ll love seeing these locations come to life after dark and experiencing them in a whole new light.

But Azamara Pursuit will take your adventure to the next level by bringing guests the luxury experience that they have come to know and love with Azamara.

1 new ship

More destinations, maiden ports, new itineraries, and additional late-and-overnights. We bet you thought it couldn’t get better than this! But Azamara Pursuit will take your adventure to the next level by bringing guests the luxury experience that they have come to know and love with Azamara.

So, what are you waiting for? Pursue the voyages of your dreams aboard Azamara Pursuit

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