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Azamara Wines Onboard & Ashore

Monday, June 27, 2022
By Azamara

Wine can tell us so much about a place, its people, and its culture. Slopes, altitude, sunlight, soil, tradition, and winemaking technique — almost everything unique to a region influences its wine. It’s a fun way to taste the world, glass by glass, and connect more deeply with a destination.

For National Wine Day, we’re raising a glass to the endless ways to sip, swirl, and immerse yourself in wine-focused experiences aboard your Azamara cruise and all the authentic vineyard adventures that await at ports around the world.

Sip & Swirl at Sea

Wine pouring into a glass

Aboard your Azamara cruise, you won’t need the palate of a pro to enjoy a glass or two. Sit back and drink in the views at one of our restaurants, accompanied by a glass of our complimentary Azamara-exclusive wines. Or, taste the terroir of a nearby port with locally-sourced wines we collect and curate throughout our journey.

Only Aboard Azamara Wines

Glasses of wine with food

A fruit-forward Chardonnay from the Chilean Central Valley, a refreshing Rosé from France’s Côtes de Provence, or a sweet Riesling from Germany’s Mosel Valley — on board, we offer a selection of complimentary wines created to showcase the styles and flavors of the world. All our offerings are single-vineyard wines (meaning all the grapes used come from one vineyard) and are created exclusively for Azamara. To ensure tasting perfection, a wine expert must approve every vintage before it arrives in your hand.  

**Wines are based on availability and locally purchased wines may be offered as a replacement and/or enhancement to this offering** 


Exclusive Chef’s Table Tastings

Wine and appetizers

Memorable dining experiences aren’t reserved for adventures ashore. While traveling between ports, dive deep into the flavors and wines of the destinations of your voyage with exclusive, locally-focused, and personalized culinary experiences and ever-changing menus inspired by your itinerary.

Experience elevated wine-ing and dining on our luxurious top floor. Enjoy a taste of the finer things at our Chef’s Table dinners, hosted at specialty restaurant Prime C. These six-course meals are made just for your group and are tailored to your requests and cravings — be it a plant-based feast or a lobster dinner. Our executive chef and sommelier work hand-in-hand to design a made-for-you menu paired with exclusive wines to accentuate every bite.

Destination Wines

Beyond our signature Azamara offerings, a whole world of wine awaits — both old and new. Our vibrant ships are home to incredible cellars stocked with rare and fine wines from around the world. Today, our wine list carries over 100 labels showcasing grape varietals and styles at every price point. And while you’re out exploring new destinations, so are our wine experts. Our Sommelier ventures into each port to shop locally and bring small-batch and exclusive wines aboard, so guests can continue to savor the region’s flavors long after we’ve set sail.

While a long list of pairing possibilities can feel overwhelming, we’re here to make it easy. Trained by our dedicated sommeliers, our culinary staff are always nearby to make recommendations for every meal and every mood.

Wine Adventures Ashore

Set sail to the world’s most renowned and unique wine destinations, a dream for any wanderlust-inspired vino lover. From the South of France to Australia’s Barossa Valley and the many microclimates of South America’s Andes, a glass of wine always seems to taste better where it’s grown.

But it’s about more than just sampling the wines. Visiting vineyards abroad is an opportunity to learn more about the local winemaking industry, and there’s no better way to get to know a wine region’s traditions, terroir, and techniques than by speaking to vintners and viticulturists. Explore just a few of our shore excursions leading to once-in-a-lifetime vineyard experiences.

Volterra, Italy: Exclusive Bocelli Wine Tasting

Group of friends having a glass of wine. They're having a toast for their holidays.

After touring the historical beauties of Volterra — including the Teatro del Silenzio, where Maestro Bocelli’s annual concert is held — sample your way through the Bocelli family vineyards in the heart of Tuscany. Tour the olive groves and vineyards, learn about the cultivation and harvesting of grapes, and get a closer look at the winemaking process. Your next tasting room is the stunning Bocelli Restaurant, where you’ll be treated to a private experience: a four-course lunch with wine pairings hosted by Andrea Bocelli’s nephew.

Booking availability coming soon.

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Meet the Winemakers

Beautiful woman drinking a glass of white wine, at sunset.

On this shore excursion, it’s not all about the wine. You’ll want to drink in the stunning Konavle Valley views on a scenic drive along the Dubrovnik Riviera and through the Dubrovnik countryside. Your first of two vineyard stops is Vodopić Winery, where you’ll sample four delicious wines accompanied by traditional local bites — think smoked ham, cheese, olives, and bread. Then, take the scenic route to Crvik Winery, where you’ll taste some of the finest wines from this region and meet the wine producer.

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Wine Workshop at Spignolio Winery

Sunset over Uruguay Vineyard

Journey north of Montevideo to the southern wine region of Cuchilla Pereyra, admiring the beautiful countryside all the way to Spinoglio Winery. On this unique adventure, you’ll meet one of the family winemakers and learn the Spinoglio family’s time-honored winemaking secrets. Learn the fine art of wine blending during an exclusive winemaker-led workshop, discover the subtle nuances of Tannat and Merlot varietals, and sample the cellar’s wines paired with a selection of snacks.

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Napier, New Zealand: Wineries of Hawkes Bay

New Zealand's wine country is located in Napier near Hawke's Bay

In Napier, you’ll venture through New Zealand's famed wine country for a tasting tour with stops at three distinctive wineries. Your first is a guided tour and tasting at Sileni Estates, renowned for bold cabs and subtle chardonnays. Next, continue to the Mission Estate Winery, heralded as the birthplace of New Zealand wines. Explore the vineyards and enjoy a tasting with the chance to sample the award-winning Mission Estate Rosé and their acclaimed sauvignon blanc. Your last destination is Abbey Cellars, where you’ll sample celebrated wines and enjoy a sweet end to the day with local ice cream.

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Beyond Your Voyage: Pre & Post-Cruise Packages

Take a little extra time for tasting and touring with one of our all-inclusive pre-or post-cruise Azamara Ashore Land Experiences, focused on cultural immersion and exploring far beyond your port.

Cape Town, South Africa: Greater Kruger National Park Safari & Winelands

Vergelegen Estate

Discover two incredible sides of South Africa on this five-night Azamara Ashore Land Experience. First, explore South Africa’s Kapama Game Reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park, home to more than 40 mammal species, including the Big Five — the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the Cape buffalo, and the rhino.

Then, switch from wildlife to wine life. Explore the country’s wine region and walk the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, stopping to sip on excellent local vintages paired perfectly with gourmet meals and snacks. In between resting in your luxe accommodations and plenty of leisure time, you’ll be whisked away to Vergelegen Estate, Morgenster Estate, and Anura Estate for wine tastings.

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Tuscany, Italy: Enchanted Tuscany Countryside

Old town of Orvieto, Umbria, Italy

Spend three nights at the Castello di Velona Thermal Spa & Winery, a stately 11th-century former castle in the heart of Tuscany. Here, you’ll feast on gourmet dinners and incredible foodie experiences, including a vineyard tour, a Tuscan-cuisine cooking class, an Umbrian meal with a local family, and wine stomping at a local vineyard.

In between meals, embark on a walking tour of Orvieto, featuring the 14th-century Orvieto Cathedral — considered one of Europe’s most architecturally significant — and guided, full-day exploration of Tuscany’s medieval towns, with visits to Siena and San Gimignano.

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Which Wine Country Will You Wander?

Whatever wine region you’re dreaming of sipping your way through, there’s an upcoming Azamara cruise to pair perfectly, plus immersive shore excursions and land programs for a taste of adventure. We’ll cheers to that!

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