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4 Tips to Book an Amazing Labor Day Sale on a Cruise in 2023

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Dubrovnik, Croatia at dusk

Seven Things to do in Croatia

Croatia has seen a sort of transformation recently, one that has taken it from a hidden gem of coastal delights to one of the hottest travel destinations in Europe. What makes this small Balkan nation so appealing? It could be the brilliant sapphire waters of the Adriatic and spectacular white beaches. Or maybe it’s the medieval architecture and walled towns steeped in history begging to be uncovered. Or perhaps it’s the friendly, welcoming people and unique folk culture.

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mountain top castle at dusk

Ten Haunted Travel Destinations

The world is full of fascinating stories — whether shared in books, on the silver screen, or over a pint in the pub. And, for many, the best stories always include a little thrill or twist that chills.

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aerial view mountain and city

Christmas in July

It might not be beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but with the year halfway over, it certainly is the time to start thinking about how you plan to spend the holiday season.

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Spots to Sail This Summer

Ah, summertime… No matter where you live, there’s something undeniably magical about it. Leisurely days, warm nights, a world around us in full bloom — it’s the perfect time to explore a new destination or revisit an old favorite from days gone by. 


Our Favorite South American Shore Excursions

There’s something magical about South America. The lust for life every local has, the diverse landscapes that range from windswept deserts to sun-soaked beaches, the cities that could be plucked straight from Europe. It’s all incredibly captivating.


Five Reasons Why Golf Cruises Make The Best Vacations

Planning a vacation can be hard. You not only have to decide what kind of getaway you want, your vacation plans often have to appeal to more than one person’s travel preferences as well.


South American Movie Magic

You know what they say about sequels — they need to think bigger, be bolder, and double down on more of what made the original so popular.


Seven Things to do in Italy

Ah, Italy. There’s nowhere else on earth quite like it. The boot-shaped country’s 20 regions are as varied as their landscapes, cuisine, and architecture. But one quality remains consistent. Italy is beautiful.


Nice, France: Hub of the French Riviera

Looking at its name, you might think Nice is selling itself a little short. After all, this is a city that basks in year-round sunshine and sensational seaside sights. It’s a manicured city, one full of opulent structures and colorful palm-lined streets. But look a little deeper, and you’ll discover an impressive authenticity in this Queen of the Riviera. Simply put, Nice is more than another beautiful Mediterranean city with a lot to see and do; it is the hub of the French Riviera. Nice brings the world to the South of France and gives it a reason to stay awhile.


The Best Things to do in Peru

Peru might not be as famous a travel destination as South American neighbors like Brazil and Argentina, but if you ask us, that simply adds to its charm. Cruise to Peru with us and you’ll come to understand why. Peru is a kaleidoscope of complex cultures, mystical ancient history, sophisticated cities, and astounding natural wonders.


The Landmarks of Japan

When it comes to visual feasts, few countries are as enticing as Japan. From the natural beauty of its countryside to its ancient castles, shrines, and temples, to boldly rising futuristic cityscapes, Japan is a country that every traveler should see in their lifetime.


Wining and Dining Down Under

Not too long ago, we checked a big item off our travel bucket list: cruising to Australia and New Zealand. When the Azamara Quest made her maiden voyage Down Under, our guests loved this unique destination! One of those guests was travel expert Scott Eddy, who joined us for a special 16-Night voyage. “It’s been at the top of my bucket list for quite some time,” Scott said.


Africa 2020 Land & Sea Highlights

In 2020, we’re cruising to Africa, and our excitement is building! From the rugged and lush western shores to vibrant South Africa, we’re taking it all in. And when you travel to Africa with us, you’ll see even more of this unforgettable continent with our in-depth Land Programs.


Seven Things to do in New Zealand

They say, “It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” This wisdom particularly applies to New Zealand, an otherworldly destination of glacial fjords, bubbling mud pools, rolling hills, and ancient forests. It’s a place so different, so unique, that it has served as the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings fantasy films.


Five Things to do in Dubai

To suggest there are only five things to do in Dubai would be a blunder. This extravagant city has so much to offer, which makes selecting a sightseeing itinerary difficult. Dubai is famous for incredible manmade landmarks like the world’s tallest building and the picturesque Palm Islands. But there’s much more to this destination than flash.


Seven Things to do in Greece

Ah, Greece. The birthplace of democracy is an alluring travel hotspot for many reasons. The incredible history, beautiful landscapes, sun-kissed beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine make the Greek Isles one of the world's most popular cruise destinations.


Seven Reasons Why A South American Cruise Should Be Your Next Vacation

South America is a continent of contrast, many times extreme. Dense tropics give way to rolling grasslands and rugged mountains. Waves lap the pristine beaches of Uruguay’s resort towns while the rhythms of Samba rattle windows in Rio.


The Best of Bermuda

When it comes to island destinations, what springs to mind? For many, it’s the sandy shores of beautiful, balmy Bermuda. The beaches are the picture of paradise, and one could easily spend a lifetime with their toes in the sand and a drink in their hand. But move beyond the pink sand and turquoise waters, and you’ll discover an island nation that packs an entire world’s worth of cultural influence into 20 miles tip to tip.

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