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Must-Have Travel Apps For Every Occasion

Friday, July 26, 2019
By Azamara

Once upon a time, when you were preparing for a trip, you needed your tickets, your luggage, and your passport. These days, however, there is a world of apps available to you that can simplify, expand, and enrich your travel experience. Before you set sail on the travel adventure of a lifetime with us, make sure you have these helpful travel apps downloaded on your mobile device.

For When You Need to Know How Much Something Really Costs

A couple window shopping

XE Currency

What may initially seem like a good deal might be anything but when you factor in a country’s currency exchange rate. The XE Currency app gives you everything you need to calculate currencies on-the-go—including live exchange rates and historical charts—so you can accurately calculate prices on your smartphone or tablet. With the XE Currency app, you’ll know exactly how much that souvenir you have your eye on will cost and can make a smart decision based on your budget.

For When You Want Something Delicious to Eat

A group of friends gather for a meal


Traveling is a fantastic way to work up an appetite, but when you’re exploring the canals of Venice, the winding cobblestone streets of Valletta, or nearly anywhere else on your journey, it can be difficult to know the best place to eat. Zomato can help with that. A favorite among foodies, the Zomato app lets you search for restaurants based on cuisine, browse menus, read reviews, and see photos to help you decide on the perfect meal for you. Then, when you make your decision, Zomato’s handy map feature will guide you directly to the restaurant.


Friends gather for ramen

If you’re traveling to Asia with us, you’ll also want the OpenRice app close at hand. Popular throughout many Asian countries—including China, JapanThailand, Singapore, and more—OpenRice collects reviews and ratings submitted by locals to ensure you have an authentic dining experience.

For When You Need a Lift

A lady waves at her uber driver


Need a little assistance navigating through a new city? Order an Uber! Easily the most well-known (and used) ridesharing app on the planet, Uber makes it easy and safe to get where you’re going without having to worry about exact change, competing for a cab, or miscommunications between you and your driver. Essential when traveling, Uber is an app you can continue to use when you return home.

For When You’re Thinking About Bringing a Raincoat

A wet city street after an evening rain

Dark Sky

There’s a common expression you’ll hear in many destinations around the world, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.” Because things can change so quickly, it’s important to have an accurate weather forecast when you’re out discovering a new part of the world—and Dark Sky can provide you with just that. In fact, this hyper-local forecasting app can deliver a down-to-the-minute forecast directly to your device, so you’ll know exactly when the skies will open up, as well as when the sun will start shining again. We think this app is even more important than your umbrella! 

For When You Want to Learn a New Language

A traveling woman speaks with a local


Before you travel somewhere new, you should consider learning the basics of the local language. You’ll be amazed at how having a few basic words and phrases in your back pocket can help when you’re out exploring. With Duolingo, you can learn Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, and more! All using a science-based method that is fun, functional, and—best of all—free!

For When You Still Haven’t Quite Learned That New Language

Google Translate (iPhone/Android)

Of course, even if you’ve worked hard to learn the ins and outs of a new language, there’s always going to be signs, expressions, and words you’ll need a little help with. For those moments, you’ll want Google Translate close by. Snap a photo of a sign and load it into the app, and before long you’ll know exactly what it says. Type an English expression in the app, and you’ll have a translation in more than 100 languages in seconds. With Google Translate, you’ll have no problem saying what you mean to say while you’re on vacation.

For When You Want to Get Somewhere in a Hurry

A woman looks at a map while traveling

Google Maps (iPhone/Android)

An essential app for anybody on the move, Google Maps is the easiest way to find out where you want to go and the fastest way to get there. Simply enter your destination and let Google Maps take care of the rest by offering detailed, point-by-point directions to get you to all the sights you want to see.


In a lot of ways, Waze is similar to Google Maps, but it does have one additional feature that makes it appealing. It includes user-submitted, real-time updates on traffic and road conditions, so you’ll always know the best route to take at any given time. 

For When You’re Just Not Sure What to Pack

luggage packed for a vacation


Take the guesswork out of packing for your trip with Packpoint. Just download the app and tell it where you’re going, what you’re planning on doing, and how long you’ll be gone. Packpoint will then check the weather at your destination and build a custom packing list for you based on the information you provided. Just follow the list, pack your bags, and relax knowing you have everything you need and are ready for vacation!

For When You Want Your Vacation Photos to Look Amazing

A man takes photos of hot air balloons using his phone

Snapseed (iPhone/Android)

Snapping an unforgettable photo is only the first step in sharing your moment with friends and family back home. Snapseed is a photo editing app that is intuitive, powerful, and can help you bring your photos to life. You’re embarking on the vacation of a lifetime, and with Snapseed, your photos will perfectly reflect your getaway.    

For When You Need to Get Online

A diverse group of people use their phones to connect to WiFi

WiFi Map

While you’re at sea with us, it’s easy to stay connected, but once you’re on land, finding a WiFi connection can be tricky—unless you have the WiFiMap app. This app provides users with a real-time database of usable WiFi HotSpots around the globe—helping to ensure you’ll have access to the internet when and where you need it.

For When You Have to Go

A couple walks through the streets of Paris


Perhaps the most useful app you didn’t know existed on our list, SitOrSquat can help you out when nature calls. This ingenious app uses GPS tracking to let you know where the closest public restroom is when you’re out and about. It also provides information on cleanliness and accessibility, and lets you leave a review so others will know where to go. When you’re visiting an unfamiliar destination, the SitOrSquat app is simply indispensable.  

For When You Want to Get in a Quick Workout

A man and woman jog together through a park


Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to fall out of your fitness routine. The Sworkit app makes it easy to stay fit and healthy while you’re off seeing the world. Offering workout plans for everyone—from first timers to gym journeymen—the Sworkit app provides custom, timed workout plans that don’t require weights, equipment, or access to a gym. In fact, all they do require is a few minutes of your time daily.

For When You’re Feeling a Little Bit Thirsty

A man and woman out exploring nature each drink a bottle of water

Daily Water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for yourself while traveling. After all, a tall glass of water helps with circulation, the regulation of your body temperature, and the transportation of nutrients, among other things. With the Daily Water app, you can easily track how much water you’re drinking on a day-to-day basis. You can also set up reminders for when it’s time to fill up another glass and notifications for when you’ve reached your daily goals.

You Have the Apps, Now it’s Time to Use Them!

With the apps every traveler needs ready to go on your device, you’re ready to set sail! Check out our amazing upcoming voyages and start planning your next getaway with us today! 

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