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The Land Program in the News

Wednesday, July 03, 2019
By Azamara

On June 18, we announced the arrival of our Land Program—charting a new course that takes guests beyond the world’s most beautiful ports to immerse them in new and exciting destinations. We’re exploring the history, culture, and culinary delights of the world’s great cities, countries, and continents—and in the process, we are redefining what it means to offer the best of land and sea.

We’re thrilled with the response the new Land Program has received, as well as our rebranding from Azamara Club Cruises® to Azamara®, in acknowledgement of our presence both ashore and at sea. To celebrate, we thought we’d share highlights from a few articles that help break down what our new program is, why we rebranded, and what our new logo means.

Laura Manske Calls the Land Program “A Game-Changer”

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In her article for Forbes, Laura Manske says, “the most exciting new sea-change afloat in the cruise industry focuses on land. Azamara (until recently called Azamara Club Cruises), known for its impressive-destination immersive itineraries that lead unique and authentic experiences in ports of call, has just announced an ambitious commitment to offer even more extensive, extended excursions further into the heart of countries.” The article went on to say that we’re now offering more than 1,700 land journeys in more than 40 countries before noting that “[the cruise] industry has come to expect nothing less than big ideas from this pivotal change-maker.”

Insider Travel Report Highlights a Dedication to Destination Immersion in Our New Logo

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If you’re interested in learning more about our new logo, this article from Insider Travel Report offers plenty of insight, saying our new name and logo, “Deepens the brand’s renewed focus on cruising and immersive inland experiences.” If you’re not familiar, our new logo is highlighted by an open world symbol that signifies infinite opportunities for travel, as well as our commitment to connecting our guests with a myriad of destinations. You’ll also find two strokes of an artist’s brush, and a star with a special connection to our namesake. You can learn more about each detail here.

Breaking Travel News Sits Down With Our CEO Larry Pimentel

Driving in the outback of Australia at sunset

Chris O’Toole of Breaking Travel News sat down for coffee with our CEO Larry Pimentel and has shared some fascinating insights. They covered a wide range of topics during their meeting at the Ritz-Carlton New York, including our new collaborations, what it’s like to be a pioneer in the industry, and how our new Land Programs have the potential to revolutionize the industry. This is a captivating conversation, and one that offers plenty of insight into the evolution of Azamara.

Travel Trade Gazette Notes “Massive Opportunity” to Attract Non-Cruisers

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Larry Pimentel’s comments also highlight this article from Travel Trade Gazette. During a chat with TTG, Pimentel describes the Land Program as one of the world’s “More unique hybrid products” before going on to describe the Land Program’s size as “Not doubling down but quadrupling down.” He also looks ahead to the future, speculating on what may come next for us, as well as the industry as a whole.

Travel Weekly Finds Out What’s in a Name

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Rebecca Tobin takes a look at the reasoning behind our rebranding in her latest for Travel Weekly. Her article points to a combination of the word “cruise” no longer accurately reflecting the vastness of our offerings, as well as the simple fact that many of our most passionate guests have already dropped Club Cruises—instead choosing to refer to us as Azamara.  

Travel Week Breaks Down the Land Program

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Over at TravelWeek, they took a deeper dive into our Land Programs, highlighting AzAmazing Journeys, Land Journeys, and Stay Local experiences. They share what travelers can expect on each type of journey, before revealing a few examples of excursions that they’re excited to experience. You can read that article here.

Discover Our Land Program For Yourself

These articles offer a taste of everything that’s coming with the launch of our new Land Programs, but there’s still plenty more to uncover for yourself. Check out our Land Programs page for more details, or set out and explore our recent posts that highlight a few of the journeys we’re excited about from every corner of the world. 

View highlights from Africa.

View highlights from North America.

View highlights from Asia and Australia.

View highlights from Europe.

View highlights from South America.

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