15 Photos That Prove Italy Was Made For Cruisers

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
By Azamara


We love seeing your Azamara cruise photos almost as much as you love Azamara cruises. These photos showcase fifteen incredible Italian travel destinations that can be visited via cruise - all courtesy of our incredible guests. 

Portoferraio, Elba

Azamara Quest in Portofferaio Elba by Anne T,Photo Credit: Anne T.

The beautiful island of Elba might be best known for its connection to Napolean. We love it for Portoferraio's bustling waterfront boardwalk, historic villas and fortresses, and incredible cuisine. Indulge in fresh cuttlefish, squid and octopus, while you're here.

Manarola, Cinque Terre

manarola cinque terre by hermi z.Photo Credit: Hermi Z.

The five cliffside villages of the Cinque Terre show guests a quieter side to the Italian Riviera. Manarola is the second-smallest of the towns, and possibly the oldest. Make sure you try the locally produced wine, Sciacchetra, while you visit!

<a href="/cruises" "="" target="_blank">Try the 7 Night Costa Brava to Cinque Terre Voyage this May.


Supermoon in Venice during overnight stay with Quest by Doug K.Photo Credit: Doug K.

Venice is known as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world for good reason. Take the advice of travel expert and Azamara blogger Lee Abbamonte, and spend some time getting lost in this incredible city.


honeymoon in amalfi by jason d.Photo Credit: Jason D.

If there's such thing as heaven on earth, it just might be Amalfi. Lemon groves, winding cliffside roads and dramatic scenery make this idyllic town a must-see port.

There are eight upcoming cruises that call on Amalfi.


Vatican - JillPhoto Credit: Jill M.

Rome, the eternal city. Art, history, culture, food, shopping - Rome offers something for everyone. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it can't be experienced in one either. Travel here countless times, and you'll always discover something new. The awe-inspiring Colosseum and breathtaking beauty of St. Peter's Basilica may even justify repeat visits.

The <a href="/cruises" "="" target="_blank">October 2017 Vatican to The Acropolis Voyage embarks from Civitavecchia (Rome). Arrive a few days early and explore the city.


Livorno Italy at sunset by June FPhoto Credit: June F.

Livorno is the gateway to Tuscany, and a wonderful port for both new and veteran cruisers. If you've been to Florence and Pisa already, you can spend your time in port exploring quiaint Tuscan villages like Lucca and Volterra.


Capri - Vanessa J.Photo Credit: Vanessa J.

From the famous Blue Grotto to the incredible views of Monte Solaro, the island of Capri will take your breath away. Take the chairlift from Anacapri to snap a photo like this one.

Giardini Naxos, Sicily

Mount Etna and Giardino Naxos taken from Quest by Corinne W.Photo Credit: Corinne W.

Here you'll find the still-active Mount Etna volcano, towering over this port at 10,900 feet. Volcanic soil has enriched farmland, resulting in lush crops of olives, citrus and grapes. 

<a href="/cruises" "="" target="_blank">There are fifteen upcoming voyages calling on Giardini Naxos (Taormina), Sicily.


Positano - Vanessa J.Photo Credit: Vanessa J.

Positano is one of the most picturesque towns along the Amalfi Coast, making it a favorite stop for Azamara cruisers. Visit Spiagga Grande, a beach lined with restaurants, cafes and gelaterias. If you're in the mood for shopping, pick up some beautiful handmade leather sandals.


Florence - JillPhoto Credit: Jill M.

Florence is a bustling mecca of culture. Take in incredible architecture, food, shopping and art while visiting. Try not to get overwhelmed! Use our "Seven Things To Do in Tuscany" blog as a guide for planning your time in port.


Vernazza photo by Hermi Z.Photo Credit: Hermi Z.

Considered by many to be the most picturesque of the Cinque Terre towns, Vernazza has recovered well from a devastating mudslide in 2011. For the best views, begin hiking from Vernazza towards Monterosso al Mare.


portofino italy by andreaPhoto Credit: Andrea

Portofino is the quintessential storybook Italian town. Thanks to charming streets, picturesque pastel homes, exclusive boutiques and quaint cafes, the calm fishing village has become a favorite of the "Jet Set". 

Plan your visit for 2017 - <a href="/cruises" "="" target="_blank">this cruise calls on Portofino and includes a stop in Monte Carlo during the world's largest yacht show.

Santa Margherita

azamazing evening in santa margherita by jillianPhoto Credit: Jillian

Santa Margherita can be a starting off point for a visit to the Cinque Terre, but is also a wonderful resort town in its own right. Visit the Villa Durozzo Palace, a beautiful building from the 1600s that now serves as the Vittorio Rossi Museum. 

<a href="/cruises" "="" target="_blank">Cruise to Santa Margherita in September 2015.


azamara journey in sorrento mount vesuvias by charissaPhoto Credit: Charissa

The backdrop of Mount Vesuvius makes for a striking photo when our Azamara ships tender in Sorrento. Visit the preserved ruins of Pompeii, a city captured in volcanic ash after Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. You can also climb to the summit of the volcano.

<a href="/cruises" "="" target="_blank">Choose among 18 upcoming voyages to Sorrento.


Portovenere, Italy by Peggy L.Photo Credit: Peggy L.

Portovenere is known for romance. In fact, English poets Lord Byron and Percy Shelley once spent time here, soaking up the sun and the ambiance. 

<a href="/cruises" "="" target="_blank">Cruise to Portovenere in September 2015.

Want to see more photos of Italy? Check out our Pinterest board and start planning your dream cruise!

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