Walk This Way: Five Benefits of Exploring On Foot

Friday, June 28, 2019
By Azamara

One of the perks of staying longer in a destination is that your experience isn’t rushed. You have more time to soak in the atmosphere of a place, immerse yourself in its culture, and connect with the people who live there.

What’s the best way to do all that? Lace up your best walking shoes and explore on your own two feet. There are many advantages to walking when you travel, whether it’s on your own or as part of a shore excursion. Below are just five of the benefits of exploring your travel destination on foot.

1. It’s the best way to get the feel of a city.

What constitutes the “feel” of a city? It’s that magical combination of sights, sounds, and smells that makes a place unique. It’s feeling the cobblestones under your feet in Rome. It’s the sound of waves crashing on Bondi Beach in Sydney. It’s the eclectic array of scents at a food market in Bangkok. As a traveler, you can’t experience these things from behind the windows of a bus. On foot, you’re in the thick of it. You experience more.

2. Local guides will steer you in the right direction.

They say, “not all who wander are lost”, but sometimes we can all use a little direction. Our Cruise Global, Walk Local experts will help you steer clear of tourist traps and deliver the authentic travel experience you’ve been dreaming of. On our walking tour in Colombo, Sri Lanka, you’ll experience a whole new side of the city.

3. You can stop and smell the roses.

Walking tours move at a pace that allows travelers to stop and smell the roses. Or the salty ocean air along a coastal trail. Or the fresh ground coffee wafting from a quaint café. When you’re walking, you have ample time to photograph what inspires you, whether it’s a perfectly framed landscape shot or a candid photo of performing street musicians. And when you’re walking, you have more time to stop and chat with the interesting people you meet along the way.

4. It’s good for your health.

Everyone loves to indulge while on vacation. We certainly do! Our expert guides will take you to the best local haunts to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy a pint at an Irish pub, or an assortment of mezes at a Greek tavern. After all that walking, you’ve earned it! Our Cruise Global, Walk Local shore excursions cover a range of activity levels, from leisurely strolls to invigorating hikes. If you’re wearing a fitness tracker, even better – once you’re back onboard, you’ll be able to brag about how many steps you logged that day.

5. You’ll connect with a destination’s history.

Walking isn’t just the best way to immerse yourself in a city’s atmosphere. It’s also a great way to connect with its history, which will give you a deeper understanding of local culture. In Cobh, Ireland, you’ll walk the same streets that Titanic passengers once did before visiting the “Titanic Experience”, located in the original White Star Line Ticket Office. In Cartagena, Colombia, there’s no better way to learn about the city’s rich military history than from a knowledgeable local guide, while exploring the cobblestoned streets and historic plazas of Old City.

Where is the most walkable travel destination you’ve visited? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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