5 reasons you should book a cruise to Norway

Monday, June 24, 2019
By Azamara

A country constructed by incredible beauty, fascinating culture and timeless heritage, Norway’s appeal is simple, it’s completely unforgettable. A place where adventures are just waiting to be had, where memories are waiting to be made and where sunsets are waiting to be photographed. This country is one of the best in the world for a cruise holiday.

In this article, we look at the top 5 reasons why everyone should book themselves onto a Norway cruise.

5 reasons you should book a cruise to Norway:

  • Norway is best seen from the water

  • You can experience the midnight sun

  • The wildlife is outstanding

  • The culture is amazing

  • You can experience the Northern Lights

Norway is best seen from the water

Norwegian Glacier- Cruising isn't just for old people

Image credit: Cruising isn’t just for old people

The first, and we think, the best reason to book a cruise to Norway is that it is best seen from the water. As a country famous for its shoreline, cruising Norway means you get to experience the most awe-inspiring part from a completely unique point of view. We spoke to a range of travel bloggers who have cruised and even lived in Norway, to find out why they agree with this.

Emma, a cruise blogger at Cruising isn’t just for old people, told us why she believes Norway is best seen from the water: “The Norwegian Fjords are mesmerising. There is nothing better than wrapping up warm and sitting on the balcony with a cup of tea to watch the fjords go by. Visiting Norway by ship provides you with a unique opportunity to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short space of time which would be near impossible on a land-based holiday. There is so much to see in Norway that visiting by water really is the best way to make the most of your time in the country.”

Reto, travel enthusiast and blogger at Reto Travelling told us why cruising Norway is the best way to see it: “Norway is characterised by countless breathtaking fjords, beautiful islands and coastal landscapes. The best way to discover them is from the water. But don't miss the chance to go ashore, hike, climb a viewpoint or explore the exciting cities and villages as well!”

Ex-Norwegian resident and travel blogger Megan Starr spoke to us about this: “Norway is definitely best seen from the water. I was frightened that I would get seasick on boats in Norway, but the water in the fjords is so calm and relaxing that I have never had a problem. And the best thing about cruising down the fjords is that the air is so pristine, and the sky's colours are magical. It truly is the best way to be impressed by Norway's beauty.”

We spoke to Sarah Green, graphic designer and travel blogger at Sarah In The Green. She also commented on why she thinks Norway looks best from the water: “The Norwegian coast is so dramatic. Full of steep mountains, narrow fjords and little, secluded islands. On a cruise you can just lean back and watch all that beautiful nature pass by right outside your window.”

We then spoke to Katy, travel bloggers at Untold Morsels, who has this to say: “There’s nothing quite like standing on deck surrounded by Norway's amazing fjord scenery. Everywhere you look there are waterfalls cascading down cliff faces and mountain peaks soaring above shimmering waters. Visiting Norway’s fjord region is a highlight of our travels so far and I long to be back on those waters with the crisp clean air on my face.”

You can experience the midnight sun

Midnight sun in Norway

The midnight sun is an incredible phenomenon that only affects the northern and southern extremes of our planet. It means that the tilt of the Earth causes incredibly long summer days or absent winter days. In some cases, the sun doesn’t set or rise at all. Experiencing the midnight sun in Norway during the summer is an incredible thing to do on a cruise.  

Emma spoke to us about her experience seeing the midnight sun: “We visited Norway in August in pursuit of the 'Midnight sun'. During the summer months, some parts of Norway have no hours of darkness at all. Similarly, they have days in winter in which the sun never rises. Being in a place which was filled with light at midnight was quite surreal. The way that the residents went about their normal days, going to work and school etc was really interesting. It certainly made me appreciate the hours of daylight and darkness we have in the UK!”

Sarah also remarked on the beauty of the midnight sun: “There were so many beautiful moments. Experiencing the midnight sun was a truly magical experience. The sun just lingered above the horizon for hours reflecting its golden colours in the sea.”

The wildlife is outstanding

Reindeer in the snow

Alaska is usually famed as being one of the best cruise destinations in the world for wildlife, but you shouldn’t discount Norway. In the northern areas of Norway before you even set foot on the shore you may be lucky enough to see whales below you and eagles above you. When on land you could be lucky enough to see myriad of arctic animals like reindeers and even polar bears on Svalbard.

We asked Reto what made him fall in love with Norway: “That was probably when we could observe a reindeer herd grazing from a few meters in the fishing village of Skarsvåg near the North Cape. And when we went hiking with huskies on a small island near Tromsø and ate lunch at the campfire. In these moments, you feel very close to nature. A jewel for me was also the town of Ålesund, whose centre was completely rebuilt in Art Nouveau style after a fire in 1904.”








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Sarah spoke to us about her experience with a white-tailed eagle in the Lofoten Islands: “Never before have I been so close to a white-tailed eagle! They soared down from the mountain tops grabbing fish only a few meters from our boat.”

The amazing culture

Lofoten Island, Norway

The culture in Norway is one of the things that makes people fall in love with it. As part of Scandinavia, you are guaranteed a welcoming and warm reception wherever you land. The locals here are very proud of their country and are keen to show it off to visitors. This includes Norway's Art Nouveau presence, particularly seen on cruises to Alesund - a truly beautiful location not far from Geirangerfjord. 

Megan Starr on Norwegian Cruise

Image Credit: Megan Starr

Megan told us what about how it captured her heart: “I fell in love with Norway from the town I lived in for a year, Osøyro. Located close to Bergen, the town sits on the Bjørnefjord and offers incredible views of the fjord, nearby mountains, and the Folgefonna Glacier. I grew up in cities with a lot of hustle and bustle, so the adjustment was a bit difficult but having the raw nature at my disposal actually kept me energised and positive most of the time. I absolutely loved it."

Katy also spoke to us about the rich culture: “This ancient land is full of stories and culture inspired by the region’s natural beauty. So, make time to discover the local food and legends - from mountain goat cheeses to Viking conquests.”

Experience the northern lights

Northern Lights, Norway

The final of our five top reasons to visit Norway on a cruise is the Northern Lights. This amazing fete of nature is a bucket list item for many people, all around the world, and for good reason. The first moment you see the sky filled with bright colours you’ll be lost for words. During the winter months, Norway is one of the most popular places in the world to try and catch this natural light show, and many people have been lucky enough to see them from their ship.

So there it is, our top five reasons why you should visit Norway on a cruise. From sailing and salmon fishing in Kristiansand to the Atlantic Ocean Road in Molde, there are thousands of reasons everyone should go to this amazing country, and we’d love to hear some of yours!

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