Shore excursions to keep you fit whilst on a cruise

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
By Azamara

When you’re on a cruise for your holiday there are many luxuries. Whether that be the bars, entertainment or pool, everything is at your fingertips, even the food! However, because of these luxuries, you may be conscious about keeping fit while on your cruises, making sure that you have time to be active and work off all that free ice cream. All our cruise ships have a gym onboard, which can make it a little easier to keep on top of that fitness goal. But sometime an onboard gym can’t inspire you. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to all the great cruise excursions we have to offer with Azamara. Ranging from strenuous to easy, there is an excursion for everyone who wants to keep fit while on their cruise.

Walking Tours

Taking a walking tour

Walking tours are a great way to explore a stop on your cruise. With a bit of sightseeing and adventure, you can familiarise yourself with local culture, choosing a strenuous hike if you have the time, or you can choose a casual walk around the towns. Emrys from Cruise Hive spoke to us about why he loved walking tours so much: “I’ve been on many shore excursions around the world during a cruise and I’ve always found that walking tours do it for me! With only a limited time ashore I like to walk around the area, pick up on the local culture and let the destination pull me in. Walking tours are great to keep fit at a nice steady pace while enjoying great views especially the ones with plenty of high lands”.

Just some of the walking tours we offer at Azamara include:

A Walk Through Historical Stavanger is the perfect excursion for those interested in history. Based in Stavanger, Norway, this three-hour walk will show you parts of the old town, better known as Gamle Stavanger. A maze of avenues and wooden homes painted in historical 18th and 19th-century colours. On the tour, you can stop at the Norwegian Canning Museum or carry on through the harbour to Øvre Homegate, a most famous street in Stavanger. Finally, take in the views of the Stavanger Cathedral that was built in the 12th and 13th century which is one of the last Scandinavian churches that is preserved in its original design. A real historical treasure.

Portofino walking tour & Brown Castle based in northern Italy. For those that want a more strenuous walking tour, this excursion could be the one for your Mediterranean cruise. Famous for its fishing town, this walking tour will take you on a journey through the harbour, leading up to the majestic Brown Castle. Taking just over two and a half hours, this tour will show you the beauty of Portofino and what it has to offer.


Taking a cycling shore excursion

Cycling can be a great way to stay fit. Keeping your heart rate up by cycling around some of the most gorgeous scenery can be the perfect way to get in some needed exercise. With some great cycling adventures available on most cruises, you’d be crazy to miss out on some of the stunning views you get to see. Whether you prefer a leisurely cycle along the beach or an extensive bike tour around the mountains, there will be a cycling shore excursion for you.

Check out some of our great cycling tours for your cruise:

Sky to Fjord - Bike Tour takes you around Geiranger, Norway on some of the best sights of the Norwegian fjords. Climbing up to the Djupvasshytta Lodge to start with, you will be able to experience some of the sweeping vistas of the fjord before riding downhill. The two- and half-hour bike tour is a strenuous activity but can be enjoyed by many. The air is fresh, 3,379 feet above sea level, and it is surely not to be missed.

Alicante by Bike leads you through the heart of Alicante and its beautiful architecture. See Alicante’s local culture as you ride from San Francisco street to ‘Square of the Luceros’ where you can enjoy some local tapas at the Central Market, included in your excursion. If you enjoy a scenic ride of architecture and beaches, this is the excursion for you.

Explore the Railway Trail in Hamilton, Bermuda where you can take part in mountain biking along the famous railway trail that was last used by the Bermuda Railway in 1948. A 90-minute bike ride with a local guide to show you its great history, you will also get the chance to swim at the beach before pedalling through lush gardens and the historic Fort Scaur. A mostly flat terrain but with stunning views, this bike ride is one that will show you the best of Bermuda.

Water Sports

Kayaking in a river

If water sports are more your kind of activity, why not try kayaking in some of the best places in the world? Or even explore the seabed in a submarine? There are many shore excursions that involve the water. Speaking to Ilana from Life Well Cruised, she recommended water sports as a great way to stay fit. “We love keeping active while cruising, both for fun, as well as to keep fit and offset some of the wonderful cruise food we enjoy onboard. Since shore excursions are a great way to experience a cruise port, we often look for ones where there's an interesting activity involved and an opportunity for movement.

“One of our favourites, are catamaran snorkelling excursions. The combination of swimming amongst sea life followed by relaxing in the sun with an island drink is a perfect vacation day for us”.

Explore some of our water sports shore excurions:

Queen Charlotte Sound Kayaking can be booked on an Australian and New Zealand cruise in Picton New Zealand. Paddling along the Queen Charlotte Sound with a local guide, this excursion is four hours long and is labelled as a strenuous activity. You’ll enjoy a close-up view of New Zealand’s bush, exploring the sound’s deeper bays and calm waters. A great excursion for those that love the water.

Red Sea Submarine based in Safaga, Egypt is also a great adventure for someone who enjoys the water and under the sea life. Labelled as a mild activity level, you can explore up to 70 feet below sea level and see some of the Red Sea’s beautiful marine life such as tropical species of fish and coral. Once you’ve explored the sea, light refreshments are also provided.

If you’re interested in focusing on your fitness while on your cruise, try some of our great cruise excursions. There are so many to choose from and with varying difficulties, any guest can find an excursion that is right for them.

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