Adventure Is Calling. Will You Answer?

Friday, June 28, 2019
By Azamara

Are cruises for adventurers? Azamara cruises certainly are. If you think all cruises are all about dining at all-you-can-eat buffets and lounging by the pool, think again! Azamara voyages are for real travelers who want to stay longer and experience more.

Just imagine, waking up to a new and exciting adventure every day. Arriving by sea means you only have to unpack once, giving you more time to truly enjoy your vacation.

What are the best travel destinations for adventurers?

Our new Cruise Global, Adventure Local shore excursions deliver exhilarating experiences around the globe. What itineraries should thrill-seekers consider? Try these eight daring destinations.


The land down under has everything an intrepid adventurer could dream of, from stunning underwater scenes to sprawling outback landscapes. Swim with the sharks in Exmouth, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, interact with wildlife in Perth, and snorkel the sparkling waters of the Great Barrier Reef. When you experience Australia with Azamara, adventure is at your fingertips.


When you think of the Mediterranean, you may not immediately think of adventure. But just venture off the beaten path and you’re sure to find it!

We recommend Hvar, Croatia, where our expert guides can introduce you to the most far-flung and fantastic parts of the island. We’ll literally take you on the road less traveled in an off-road vehicle, venturing high into the hills to explore the island’s vineyards and vegetation – and to take in those incredible sea views.


If you love rugged, natural beauty and the great outdoors, look no further than Norway. The waterfalls, cliffs, and glaciers of the Norwegian Fjords will take your breath away.

Adventure travel expert Lee Abbamonte cruised the Norwegian Fjords with Azamara in 2015 and said, “Seeing the Norwegian Fjords from cruise ship, at such close proximity, is the best way to experience it. It's not to be missed."

Travel writer Ann Tran cruised to Norway with Azamara in 2016 and fell in love with the Norwegian outdoor lifestyle. “When in Norway, do as the Norwegians do,” says Ann. “Hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, and BASE-jumping are popular here. Outdoor life is alive and well in Norway.”


There’s more to Mexico than lounging on the beach and sipping cocktails! Cozumel’s Underwater National Park is renowned for its incredible snorkeling opportunities.

On our Cruise Global, Adventure Local tour, you’ll have the chance to visit three of the park’s most incredible reef sites. An expert team will handle everything, from the boat ride there to the necessary equipment. All you need is your own sense of adventure! And, perhaps, an underwater camera to capture the beautiful coral, fish, and exotic sea creatures you’re bound to see.


What puts Indonesia on this list? Well, let’s start with the dragons. Komodo Dragons, that is. Visiting Komodo Island should be on every adventurer’s bucket list, and the easiest way to get there is by cruise.

A  Komodo Dragon on a beach on Komodo Island, Indonesia

Beyond dragons, Indonesia is home to lush forests, towering volcanoes, and pristine beaches. Don’t miss the Ubud Monkey Forest and the Borobudur Buddhist monument, and Mount Semeru volcano at the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.


Is Wales on your travel radar? If not, it should be. The beautiful mountains of Snowdonia are one of the United Kingdom’s most popular destinations for hiking and outdoor travel.

Beyond the stunning coastal cliffs there's even more to explore. Join our Cruise Global, Adventure Local tour and hop aboard a rigid inflatable boat for a ride to Puffin Island. We’ll circumnavigate the island as we try to spot its resident seals and namesake birds.

United Arab Emirates

Adventure awaits in the United Arab Emirates. Take in the stunning cityscape of Abu Dhabi from a seaplane, or soar over the staggering skyscrapers of Dubai via zip-line. Dubai is also home to indoor skiing, the world’s fastest rollercoaster, and skydiving.

In the desert, prepare for a wild ride on a 4x4 safari, or glide across dunes while sandboarding (think snowboarding, but on sand).

New Zealand

New Zealand’s rugged landscape is ideal for outdoor adventures. There are incredible opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitats, from sheep and alpacas to whales and seals.

For something truly special, head to Wellington on the southwestern tip of North Island. Here, experienced local guides lead our Cruise Global, Adventure Local tour of the area. In four-wheel drive vehicles, guests will traverse the only path to Tongue Point, where you can see the region’s famous fur seals. The journey will also showcase the region’s best scenery, with dramatic mountain views.

The country’s diverse scenery offers rugged coastlines, majestic waterfalls, bubbling thermal pools and grassy, rolling fields.

Cruising is for adventurers, as long as you select the right cruise! Stay longer and experience more on an Azamara voyage.

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