The best shore excursions for active people

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
By Azamara

No matter where you journey on your next cruise, to see the real beauty of a destination you need to head out and explore – we believe the real treasures of a country can be seen best on foot.

In this article, we discover some of the best shore excursions that are perfect for those looking to get stuck into the local culture and explore the true beauty of a location, whilst also getting their heart rates pumping. 

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Walking Shore Excursions

As we’ve already mentioned, walking is the best way to explore a location and truly immerse yourself in the local culture. Delve into history and visit conquered castles or take a walk-through history in Norway with our range of great walking excursions.

If adrenalin is what you’re after, a walk with the Huskies in Tromsø can’t be topped. This nature packed adventure day takes you on a fast-paced race of endurance. Sit back and relax as the impeccably trained dogs take you on a journey of discovery around the wilderness of the Norwegian landscapes. After this jam-packed day, take a rest bite and enjoy traditional refreshments in the classic tent used by the Sami people, a truly immersive experience.

If you’ve got a taste for the local cuisine, we have something a bit tastier for you to get stuck into. Journey on shore in Sicily and tuck into Erice & Trapini with Cannoli Tasting. Embark on a guided tour around the local town of Erice before enjoying some traditional Cannoli and then heading off on the second narrated tour of Trapani.

If getting out and about on your holidays is something you love to embrace, then explore our selection of walking excursions below.

Great cruise walking excursions:

Food on table

Food and Wine

If the thought of delicious, local cuisine gets you excited, then we’re sure the range of food and drink excursions we can offer you from our selection of cruise stops will make you ecstatic. And, just because you want to explore the cuisine doesn’t mean you need to spend all day sat in a restaurant!

Head to Bruges for one of the world’s most famous chocolate workshops. Explore the medieval streets as your tour guide narrates your journey before delving into the tasty traditions of a hands-on Belgian chocolate workshop. The perfect day out for a sweet-toothed tourist.

Tuck into tastes of the sea in Norway. Explore beautiful Bergen on foot before winding your way through the local fish markets for a sensational seafood tasting session.

Bruges isn’t the only destination renowned for its culinary excellence, France is a top contender for stunning dishes that’ll create lasting memories. Take a short excursion in Cannes and explore the true home of Absinthe as you take your taste buds on a French adventure. Alternatively, dismount the boat at Cherbourg for a spot of historic satisfaction and a chance to enjoy lunch with a Benedictine view at Mont Saint Michel.

We asked Julie Neis from Paris Food Affair why she loves the cuisine in France. She says that it “begs to be discovered through the lens of its food culture. There’s a reason Paris has been long known as the culinary capital of the world, and it would be a shame to not get a glimpse of what that is all about. Having a traditional French meal is a must.”

Shore excursions for foodies:

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Sightseeing Excursions

Sightseeing is a past time that all of us embrace as we visit somewhere new, with world heritage sights, ancient buildings and funky, hip eateries you’re spoilt for sightseeing opportunities with our range of shore excursions.

Keep it local and visit the charming city of Chester. Enjoy a private tour of the famous Erddig House & Charming Chester as you uncover a real British treasure. Erddig House oozes opulence and as your guided tour takes you through the extensive range of staterooms you’ll pass through thousands of years’ worth of history.

From one UK charm to another, explore a city previously under siege as you uncover the saga that took place in Gibraltar nearly 100 years ago. Ride the cable car to the summit of the Rock of Gibraltar, marvel at the views and meet the local residents – the Rock Apes. Explore the Great Siege Tunnels before finishing the day at the Gibraltar Museum.

We asked Hannah Kacary, blog writer at That Adventurer why she loves visiting Gibraltar and what makes it the perfect place for a day excursion, she said: 

“Gibraltar is a fascinating place to visit with so much history thanks to its complicated past. In crossing the border between Gibraltar and Spain you'll feel like you've stepped into England thanks to the red phone boxes, fish and chips shops and cutesy B&Bs. My favourite part about visiting Gibraltar was exploring The Rock and learning about the history of Gibraltar. I hiked to the top of The Rock which was difficult in the summer heat but totally worth it! Once up there we spent some time exploring the St Michael's Caves, the Siege Tunnels and, of course, meeting The Rock's friendly locals: The Barbary Macaques!” 

Our range of great sightseeing shore excursions:

Fish in great barrier reef

Nature and Wildlife shore excursions

The sights that surround your cruise ship are not the only nature you’ll see on your adventure, pick one of the awesome wildlife or nature excursions that we offer and come up close and personal with some of nature’s prettiest spots.

For one of the best snorkelling spots in the world, head down to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef National Park and explore the vibrant coral formations, stunning tropical fish, turtles and a whole lot more. This is a truly magical excursion and one that anyone travelling to Cairns should experience. Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium should also be visited during a cruise to Townsville - it's the world's largest living coral reef aquarium. 

Get active and climb into a sea kayak for a day of aquatic exploration in New Zealand. Paddling through some of the most pristine landscapes that the country has to offer is the perfect way to explore it. Not only can you glide into hidden coves along the banks, but you may also be joined by some curious sea lions looking to say hello. 

Fantastic nature and wildlife cruise excursions:

Whether you’re heading on a Med cruise or on an Australian adventure, our range of shore excursions are going to make your trip one to remember. 


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