Seven Reasons To Cruise To Alaska

Thursday, January 03, 2019
By Azamara

In 2019 we’re cruising to Alaska! Alaska is a beautiful and unique travel destination that’s been a favorite with cruisers for years. If you’ve traveled with us before, you know there’s a difference between a cruise and an Azamara cruise. We can’t wait to bring our immersive approach to travel to this part of the world! Join us on a voyage to Alaska in 2019 and experience “The Last Frontier” with a unique Azamara touch.

Here are seven reasons to make an Alaska cruise part of your 2019 travel plans.

1. Our boutique ships will take you to a variety of ports.

Sitka AlaskaSitka, Alaska

We’re cruising to eleven different Alaskan destinations, ranging from the capital city of Juneau to the spectacular Hubbard Glacier. With Azamara you’ll have a true Alaskan adventure, calling on marquee ports and lesser-known, smaller ports that bigger ships can’t visit.

The Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey each have a capacity of 690 guests. Our ships are small enough that the onboard atmosphere is friendly and intimate, and the perfect size for delivering guests to the doorsteps of their destinations. Yet, our ships aren’t too small, either. With our onboard spa services, entertainment, and dining, you’ll never tire of being onboard.

This makes an Azamara ship the perfect way to travel to Alaska. We’ll take you to the marquee ports, like Juneau and Homer. But we’ll take you off the beaten path, too—like to Sitka, a hidden gem on Baranof Island.

2. You’ll get to spend more time in port thanks to our late-night departures.

Skagway, Alaska

Stay Longer. Experience More. That’s our motto, and when you cruise to Alaska with Azamara, not only will we take you to the best Alaskan destinations, we’ll give you more time there.

During summer months, Alaska has long days. For example in Juneau in June, the sun will rise around four o’clock in the morning and doesn’t set until about ten o’clock at night. Late-night departures in ports like Juneau, Sitka, Skagway, and Icy Strait Point mean you can take your time onshore, and take advantage of that glorious extended daylight. After all, this is a bucket list vacation – it shouldn’t be rushed!

3. Our carefully curated, small-group shore excursions mean your travel experience will be anything but cookie-cutter.

Skagway, Alaska

Our Azamara Shore Excursions are thoughtfully crafted by experts to introduce our guests to the best of local life. On each tour, you’ll join a group of 20-25 like-minded travel lovers for an authentic, unforgettable experience.

A wide range of shore excursion categories makes it easy to find a tour that suits your needs – in fact, the only challenge will be deciding among so many great options! The truth is, you can’t go wrong with any tour. Our team of travel pros has done the research for you.

4. You can get up close and personal with the great (greatest) outdoors.

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Pristine and rugged, Alaska is beloved for its incredible scenery. The state’s awe-inspiring glaciers, fjords, snowcapped mountains, and rainforests make it one of the most picturesque destinations on earth.

To take in true Destination Immersion® experiences in Alaska you must fill your lungs with its fresh air, gaze upon its stunning vistas, and listen to the sounds of its gushing waterfalls.

Our Cruise Global, Walk Local tour in Icy Strait Point will help you gain a more profound understanding of Alaska’s natural wonders and what makes this destination so special. When you walk the Ancient Oceans and Newborn Forest with a local guide, you’ll come to appreciate the deep connection native Alaskans have to this land.

In Juneau, a bike tour is an exhilarating way to take in views of glistening Auke Lake and the commanding Mendenhall Glacier – perhaps Juneau’s most famous attraction. At the end of your 8.5-mile ride, you’ll be rewarded with a visit to a local microbrewery to sip local beers.

5. We’ll take you on an unforgettable adventure – if you’re up for it.

Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is a must-visit destination for adventure lovers. The opportunities for thrilling experiences are endless here. Beginning with a quintessential Alaskan excursion, dog sledding.

Our Cruise Global, Adventure Local tour in Juneau will take you to the Mendenhall Glacier for a dog sledding experience – via helicopter, no less! The views as you soar over the area’s jagged mountains and glaciers will simply take your breath away. Once on the ground, you’ll get to meet about 300 Alaskan huskies. Whether you take the reins yourself or opt for a jaunt in the sled, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

You can even extend your adventure with a pre or post cruise tour! These tours are a wonderful opportunity to explore the interior wilderness of Alaska. At Denali National Park, you might spot some of Alaska’s most iconic animals.  

6. Your taste buds are in for an adventure, too.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Are you eager to experience authentic Alaskan cuisine? Our Cruise Global, Taste Local tours are for you. Coldwater seafood is at the heart of Alaskan food, particularly salmon. You’ll find it served in a variety of ways – baked, smoked, cured, grilled, and more. In Icy Strait Point, tour guests will have the chance to meet with and learn from an Alaskan fishing expert and wilderness chef.

In Ketchikan, tour guests will get to sample another popular Alaskan seafood, Dungeness crab. The feast will be accompanied by baby red potatoes, salad, and capped off with cheesecake covered in delectable local blueberries.

7. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime – and will have the incredible vacation photos to prove it.

Juneau, Alaska

The most important item to pack for your Alaskan cruise? A camera! After all, when you travel to one of the most photogenic places on earth, you want the Instagrams to show for it. From Juneau’s stunning glacier to the Misty Fjords and waterfalls of Ketchikan, the spectacular scenery of The Last Frontier will be a highlight of your voyage.

Skagway, on the Alaskan panhandle, is a popular cruise port thanks to its bustling Broadway Street and its rich past as a hub of the gold rush. Visitors looking to avoid the crowds should skip the town itself in favor of a ride on its historic railway.

Guests of our Cruise Global, View Local tour will ride with White Pass Legacy Club Luxury Railway and witness the dramatic landscape of Alaska in style aboard the lavish train. The route is known as one of the most scenic railway trips in the world, and guests will have a private guide to point out each impressive viewpoint.

Are you ready to start planning your Alaskan adventure? There’s no better way to cruise to Alaska than with Azamara Club Cruises. Click here to browse itineraries. 

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