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How to Travel Alone Without Getting Lonely

Friday, September 07, 2018
By Azamara

Have you ever gone to a movie alone? Or eaten dinner at a restaurant alone? Have you ever traveled alone?

Traveling solo can be a daunting experience. After all, you’re not just on your own—your alone in a different part of the world, outside of your comfort zone. But solo travel also delivers a rewarding experience.

A woman stands on a mountain overlooking the fjords of Norway.

When traveling alone, there can be more opportunities to meet locals and other travelers and have more meaningful conversations than if traveling with a companion. Rather than being focused on your companion, you're focused on your surroundings including the people around you. You're open to the world. And that, in turn, makes the world open to you.

Some personality types are more open to traveling solo than others. When we wrote about the best travel destinations for each astrological sign, we learned that people born under the Scorpio and Pisces signs make particularly good solo travelers. But really, anyone can be a solo traveler! Introverts will enjoy using the ample alone time solo travel allows for reflecting upon the places they visit. Extroverts will love the opportunities they’ll have to meet new people.

A cruise makes for the perfect solo vacation, as you can spend as much or as little time alone as you’d like. One day, you can explore a port all by yourself. The next day, you can enjoy a shore excursion—our small, intimate group settings are the perfect environment for forming new friendships. Onboard, there are plenty of lounges, bars, and gathering spots where you can curl up alone with a coffee, or mingle with other guests. When you dine at Discoveries Restaurant, opt to be seated at a large table—it’s a great way to meet new friends! Or, dine with a small group of fellow foodies when you purchase a Chef’s Table experience.

In fact, it’s easy to travel alone without getting lonely. Here are five tips for a successful solo vacation.

1. Indulge Yourself

The focus of your solo vacation should be you. Treat yourself! Book a visit to the Sanctum Spa, enjoy a decadent dessert while you do a bit of journaling, or indulge in a little shopping onshore.

2. Go Somewhere Familiar

We cruise all over the world. When it comes to selecting a travel destination, your options are seemingly endless. If you’re nervous about traveling solo, choose a destination you’re familiar with. You’ll feel more comfortable navigating a destination you’ve visited before and you’ll enjoy discovering new, hidden gems.

A woman takes a photo of a building.

3. Join Shore Excursions

Spending the day in the company of others is a good way to bond with new people. You may even pick up a travel friend or dinner invitation. When you travel with Azamara, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded travel lovers. In fact, with fifteen different categories of shore excursions, you’re bound to meet fellow guests with common interests. With a maximum of 25 guests, our tours offer a friendly, intimate environment for making new friends.

A woman takes a photo of the landscape in Alaska.

4. Socialize Onboard

Our intimate ships offer the chance to connect people in a way that’s not possible on a larger vessel. The club-like atmosphere onboard makes it easy to socialize, and you’ll even find our warm, friendly onboard crew members begin to feel like family! Consider traveling alone as an opportunity to reach out and meet new people who would not normally cross your path.

5. Conversation Starters

If you’re not sure how to begin a conversation, start with some familiar questions. After all, everyone loves to talk about themselves! Here are a few suggestions: Where are you from? Have you cruised with Azamara before? Have you been to tomorrow’s port-of-call before?

Are you ready to travel solo? Check out our solo cruise deals here. Once you’ve traveled onboard with us you’ll quickly realize that traveling alone doesn’t have to mean you’ll be lonely.

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