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Colored landscapes, crispness in the air, shorter days and cooler nights. Whether you love mother nature’s most colorful season or it has you planning your next trip and packing your bags (we vote for the latter!), there’s one thing we all can all rely on: the nostalgic side of us embraces fall like a new beginning, a fresh start.

Our fresh start means the world to us, as does your loyalty. And this month’s newsletter is particularly special because it’s our first since returning to doing what we do best: taking you to see the world. Bringing you up close to the destinations you long to go to. Providing you with the Azamara service and experience you know and love. We kicked off our first few sailings with incredible voyages to Greece aboard the Azamara Quest and we’re now two months into our exciting return to sail. It’s wonderful to be back and we’re eager to sail together towards what lies ahead. Our 2023-2024 new deployment launch. Thirty-nine new itineraries that go everywhere you want to explore. Fascinating first-time visits to 24 maiden ports. Excitement is in the air, on the horizon, and out at sea.

I think we all agree, there is no better feeling than our entire Azamara family being back at sea with you. And until you’re able to join us, here’s the latest news, special updates, and some special crew reads that are sure to put a smile on your face. We know dreaming of your next voyage certainly will.


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    Sail Well, Explore Well

    Long before we sailed again after the stormy seas that 2020 and much of 2021 brought the world, we were first and foremost thinking about you, our guests, and what we need to do to keep you all safe as we explore the world together. We implemented our new Explore Well at Sea commitment in May, enhanced health and safety standards developed with a team of medical experts, to help you come aboard with confidence. But we didn’t stop there. We’re consistently updating these protocols because travel regulations vary by country, and we also keep you up-to-date with the requirements of the country you’re visiting. Sailing this year? Be sure to be on the lookout for emails with information about your itineraries, from country requirements, to life on board, to going ashore. Get the latest with Azamara.

    Italy & Greece Requirements

  • The Simple Seductions of South America

    Soak in the dazzling, energetic spectacle of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Make friends with penguins, cruise through lands of staggering natural beauty, and sail your way to the ends of the earth. Explore the echoes of European grandeur and undeniable energy of beautiful Buenos Aires. If you’ve never considered a voyage to this enchanting continent, our new South American itineraries give you more than a few reasons to add it to your travel bucket list.

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    Taste of Italy: Pasta and Wine

    If you’re anything like us, one of the first things to come to mind when you think of Italy is food. And the second is wine. A voyage to Italy with Azamara is a delicious exploration around one of the world’s finest palates, tasting your way around each fascinating region. With more than 2,000 years of culinary history to lean on, we’re always looking forward to digging into each and every Italian itinerary.

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Spooky Destinations

A beloved holiday world wide, there’s nothing like Halloween on the high seas. And with Azamara, we take you up close to some of the most legendary—and haunted—destinations in the world. Ghosts, hauntings, things that go bump in the night. If you love a good ghost story or a spooky scare, make sure one of these chilling ports is on your next itinerary.

  • Haunted Venice, Italy

    Haunted Venice, Italy

    Venice might be most well known for its narrow alleys, winding canals, and romantic gondolas, but did you know it’s actually one of the most haunted cities in the world? The city’s long history of macabre murders and ghastly illness make it an ideal setting for a spooky story. Small islands that housed mass graves, prisons, and an insane asylum. One of the most famous haunted houses in the world: Palazzo Dario, the 15th-century Venetian Gothic palace known as "The house that kills." Intrigued?

    Explore our upcoming cruises to Venice.

  • Dark and Deadly Dublin, Italy

    Dark and Deadly Dublin, Italy

    The birthplace of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, unsurprisingly has a few haunts of its own. The fun-loving city is overflowing with ghost stories, from ghosts that haunt local pubs to the ones of the headless bodies buried beneath Dublin Castle. Visit St. Patrick's Cathedral, said to be haunted by a ghost dog belonging to a sailor buried beneath the house of worship or cross the River Liffey and visit St. Michan's Church that sits atop a burial vault of dozens of mummified bodies! Ready to be spooked?

    Explore our upcoming cruises to Dublin.

  • Bloodcurdling Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Bloodcurdling Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Buenos Aires, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, is also reputedly quite haunted. Hundreds of victims of Argentina's "Dirty War" are said to haunt the Plaza de Mayo, the city square where Eva Perón delivered many famous speeches. "The girl who died twice" wanders Recoleta Cemetery checking the graves of the deceased. And one of the city’s most well-known landmarks, the Obelisco, is haunted by the ghost of a worker who fell to his death during its construction. Brave enough to explore?

    Check out our upcoming cruises to Buenos Aires.

  • The Ghosts Of Cape Town, South Africa

    The Ghosts Of Cape Town, South Africa

    Breathtaking, fascinating Cape Town has more than one spirit haunting its historic walls. One of South Africa's oldest buildings, the Castle of Good Hope, holds a lifetime of horrifying history within its beautiful facade. Listen for whispers, footsteps, and the spine-tingling bells ringing out from the castle's tower (which has been walled up for decades). Or make your way to the iconic Green Point Lighthouse, whose beloved former caretaker decided to never leave. Ready for a fright?

    Explore our upcoming cruises to Cape Town.

  • Ghastly Grand Cayman

    Ghastly Grand Cayman

    Beautiful beaches, shimmering waters, wonderful weather. Grand Cayman is a veritable paradise. But sun worshippers be warned, it’s also home to Hell on Earth, not a tortured afterlife, but an attraction named Hell. Many believe this patch of limestone formations rising up from the ground is the gateway to the underworld. Others suggest the name comes from the echoing sound pebbles that sound like they’re falling down to the center of the Earth!

    Legend or logic, you decide on an upcoming cruise to Grand Cayman.

  • Fresh Pursuit

    Our staff and crew are ready to continue exploring extraordinary destinations and delivering on the personable, authentic service we pride ourselves in.

  • Part of getting ready to return to service means preparing our ships to go back to service as well.

  • To make sure you return to the world aboard a freshly painted ship, the Azamara Pursuit dry dock is in full spin, getting paint touches on the hull, tenders, and guest staircases. So when we return to the world, we’re looking almost as good as every fascinating port.


    Work Hard, Play Hard

    Incredible history, beautiful landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine. There are so many reasons why the Greek Isles is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations. Going back to this beautiful destination was not only greatly anticipated by travelers, but by the crew of the Azamara Quest as well. We work hard to make your Azamara experience an unforgettable one. But when in Mykonos, we celebrated a very successful return to service by enjoying a well-earned day at the beach.

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