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4 Tips to Book an Amazing Labor Day Sale on a Cruise in 2023

Wednesday, August 23, 2023
By Azamara

4 Tips to Book an Amazing Labor Day Sale on a Cruise in 2023

You’ve got a city in mind and you’re searching for the best Labor Day sale on a cruise that will take you there! Whether you’re seeking a promo on a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, or if you’d like to fly to an exciting city around the world and spend time there before embarking on a cruise ship, we have some tips on what to look for when choosing your cruise deal. This will help you enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

  1. How long does the cruise ship stay in the ports?
    The longer you get stay in the city on your bucket list, the better. Compare the itineraries for each cruise. For each port, take note of the debarking and the “gangway up” time (the hour you have to be back at the cruise ship).

    Azamara cruises always arranges as late a schedule as possible, and on longer sailings we usually manage to include a few 8pm – 10pm gangway up times.

    For you, later gangway up times means less rushing to get back to the port. You can book a tour that’s a little farther from the port. It also means you can watch the sunset and see the locals change from their daytime to evening life, as the mood of the city changes into its genuine character. Overall it offers you a deeper experience.

  2. Does the cruise itinerary included any overnights?
    Again, when comparing cruises, scrutinize the itinerary. Does the cruise itinerary include any overnight stays in any city? The locals as well as Azamara guests love when we can offer an overnight stay at a port to our guests. Our destination-first approach means that you can see a city from day to night and have another opportunity the next day to explore anything you missed! Our cruise itineraries usually include at least 1, and up to 4 overnights!

  3. What onboard credit or experiences does the cruise deal include?
    Keep the fun going while on board! Check to see if a Labor Day cruise deal includes any onboard credit so you can treat yourself while on vacation. On most cruises, Azamara is known for throwing guests an exclusive – complimentary - cultural in-port party that we call “AzAmazing Celebrations.” This is often among the memorable events for guests who cruise with Azamara.

  4. Is the ship size comfortable for me?
    Consider the kind of cruise you’d like to experience. Cruisers who love small ships usually state in their reviews that the size felt manageable, they speak of the relaxed ambiance, and that they enjoy the family feel. The crew members on Azamara often iterate the same “family” feel. Like-minded explorers looking for immersive experiences in smaller, less-traveled ports tend to gravitate to smaller-sized ships.

For the voyager at heart, who wants immersive experiences Azamara Cruises is offering in its Labor Day sale four free nights and $600 of onboard credit on select 2023 and 2024 cruises. Book between August 23 and September 6, 2023 and set sail on Azamara, a cruise line that gives you more time in your destination!

Note the “hours in port” in the cruise titles. That’s new isn’t it? We’ve calculated how many hours you spend in ports to give you a sense of how thoroughly you’ll get to enjoy the city.

With more late nights and overnights, you'll have ample time to roam at your own pace and immerse yourself in the local culture.

We’ve highlighted some qualifying cruises:

sunset behind mountains

Cruise from Fort Lauderdale just as winter sets in! Relax in Dutch, French, and British islands in the Caribbean, each with their own distinct, tropical flavor.

Sail down the Chilean coast, viewing the spectacular fjords at every port stop, and spend the night in Punta Arenas. Like the explorers of old, sail around the southernmost point of South America, earning those bragging rights. Stop in the contentious Falkland Islands before your stop in the capital of Uruguay and the European-like Buenos Aires.

creek in garden with pagoda in background

Explore the blue lagoons and volcanic mountains of the French Polynesian islands, spending the night docked in Bora Bora! Sail through and stop at pristine islands before your last stop in New Zealand, a country with so much nature to offer.

seaside city in front of mountains at sunset

Cross Carnaval in Rio off of your bucket list. While the northern hemisphere is freezing in February, you’ll join the biggest party in the world in the summer season of Brazil. Optionally, you can purchase a package to enjoy the Sambadrome spectacle in style  - from a lounge with canapes and drinks!

bridge from city at dusk

Kick off your adventure in Australia, stretch your time in Bali with an 8pm embarkation, spend the night in exciting Singapore, two days in Viet Nam, and end in the wonderful cultural mix that is Hong Kong.

pier jutting into waterway

Catch the best weather in South America in March, where daytime highs are a warm 75-85 degrees in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

aerial view of city rooftops

This cruise starts in Hong Kong and ends in Tokyo, so you can take a few days before and after to get to know these exciting, modern cities on your own! Spend a whopping 101 hours in the ports.

aerial view of town overlooking cliffside road

Cross the Atlantic Ocean in the comfort of your small ship. From Brazil on the west of the Atlantic, you’ll head to the tropical archipelago of Cape Verde on the east side of the Atlantic. Once there, you’ll spend two days exploring the Canary Islands and another day in a quaint port in Portugal. End your voyage in Lisbon, Portugal, which has become a favorite destination lately for it’s genuine people, impressive architecture, and charming hill views peeking between the streets everywhere you walk.

Discover the world's hidden gems aboard an Azamara cruise ship, where small-ship cruising leads to big adventures.

Learn about Brazil's cachaca artistry, marvel at the awe-inspiring Wuji Tianyuan temple in Taiwan, and unwind at the serene lava pools of Madeira, Portugal.​

This is the perfect promotion to organize your winter and spring vacations. Think ahead and book your place in the sun, where everyone wants to be on cold days. Bask in the splendor of hidden treasures, all at your leisure.

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cruise ship departing harbor

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