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Testing & Screening

  • What health screening measures are being taken at the terminal on boarding day?

    At the terminal, we'll continue screening measures to ensure everyone boarding the cruise, or working at the terminal, is in good health. All guest documents, including the pre-arrival Health Questionnaire and a recent negative SARS-CoV-2 rapid polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test result, will be verified. Additionally, all guests, crew, visitors and port personnel will have their temperatures taken in the terminal by trained staff using touchless, handheld thermometers. Guests and crew members with temperatures of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will undergo a secondary screening. The secondary screening is conducted by a third-party medical professional and determines if a person is eligible to sail.

  • Will I have to take a SARS-CoV-2 test before I cruise?

    We will be guided by the local Ministry of Health to determine if SARS-CoV-2 testing will be required for guests. Closer to your sail date, we’ll provide clear direction should testing be required. Please note many governments and certain airlines require proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test no more than three days before entry or flight departure.

  • In addition to a test, will I need to show proof of vaccination on embarkation day?

    Azamara will require all guests 18 and older and crew to be fully vaccinated no later than 14 days prior to departure. Both doses will be required or approved single-dose vaccines. Vaccines must be accepted by the World Health Organization and guests will be required to show verified documentation at check-in.

    Verified documentation should be in the form of the original vaccination record document issued by either (1) the country’s health authority that administered the vaccination (e.g., U.S. CDC's Vaccination Record Card) or (2) the guest's medical provider that administered the vaccination.

  • What if I or someone in my party is not able to receive a vaccine?

    We understand that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine may not be a possibility for some guests because of medical restrictions or other personal reasons. While we value each of our loyal guests, Azamara is responsible for the collective safety and wellbeing of all who sail aboard our vessels and therefore, at this time, we are unable to accommodate any guest who cannot be vaccinated. Azamara will continue to monitor recommendations by global public health experts.

  • What will happen to my reservation if I’m unable to get vaccinated prior to sailing?  

    If you booked your cruise on or before May 31, 2021, you will be protected by the Cruise with Confidence policy. Therefore, you can cancel for any reason, up to 48 hours before your sail date, and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit. As we continue to review our sailing protocols and Cruise with Confidence policy, we will update our refund policies accordingly.

  • Will I have to sign a COVID-19 waiver or other legal agreement to board the ship?

    In addition to the booking conditions and cruise ticket contract which all guests must accept, guests will also be required to acknowledge the risks associated with pathogen transmission during their voyage and agree to always follow all our health and safety policies. You may also be asked to agree to terms related to the operation of tours or other experiences at our destinations, at the time when you reserve these experiences. If you are booking through a travel agent, your agent may accept the terms and conditions and confirm your acknowledgment. Failure to agree to our terms and conditions or the requisite health acknowledgment will result in a denial of boarding.

  • Do I need to use your mobile app to meet new safety policy requirements? What if I don't have a smartphone?

    Azamara guests will not require a mobile app to meet new safety policy. Azamara guests to follow online check-in process.

  • Will I have to wear a face mask on my cruise, and if so, exactly when, where and why? What counts as a face mask?

    Public health experts agree that proper physical distancing and the use of facemasks are effective in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Face masks may be required for all guests and crew while onboard our ships, depending on conditions at time of sailing. We’ll continue to evaluate protocols and make updates as public health standards evolve.

  • How will you continue to monitor guest and crew member health once we're onboard? Will there be temperature checks?

    Embarking guests and crew members will have their temperature checked on embarkation day. Our crew members practice the same healthy guidelines as guests, such as distancing, hand washing and regular sanitation of common areas. Our ships have the capability to conduct RT-PCR tests and process results onboard should the need arise.

  • Currently, the U.S. and Canada requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test result for those arriving by international air. Will Azamara administer the required re-entry test?

    We are continually evaluating sailing protocols and will make updates as government requirements, Healthy Sail Panel guidance, and public health standards evolve. Booked guests will be advised of the latest requirements closer to their date of departure.

Enhanced Medical Care

  • Are there any health restrictions or pre-existing condition limitations, due to COVID-19, for cruise guests?

    Certain guests may be at an increased risk of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). Guests of any age with certain underlying medical conditions may also be at an increased risk of developing severe COVID-19 disease after becoming infected. Before booking or sailing on a cruise, please review the latest public health guidance about at-risk populations. All guests should consider their individual risk level for severe illness and make an informed travel decision on that basis. We recommend guests with a higher risk of severe illness consult with their doctor prior to booking or sailing with us.

  • What if I am not feeling well in the days leading up to my cruise?

    If you feel ill in the days before your cruise, you should not travel, and should contact us to reschedule your reservation. If you booked your cruise on or before July 31, 2021, you will be protected by the Cruise with Confidence policy. Therefore, you can cancel for any reason, up to 48 hours before your sail date, and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit. Keep in mind, on boarding day, all guests will be required to show a negative result, their completed Guest Health Questionnaire, and obtain a temperature screening at the terminal reading below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as a possible secondary health screening. A positive test result, or documented symptoms of communicable disease during these screenings will result in denial of boarding.

  • Do I need to quarantine / isolate before the cruise?

    For your safety and the safety of your fellow guests and crew, we strongly recommend that in the week leading up to your departure date, you monitor yourself for symptoms and engage in healthy COVID-19 prevention practices, as outlined by U.S. CDC.

Fresh Air Filtration

  • How is air circulated and filtered onboard? Is the air safe onboard a cruise ship?

    With new HVAC filtration systems, the air you breathe indoors aboard each of our boutique-style ships is comparable to the fresh sea air you can take in while relaxing on deck. The incoming air from outside passes through a 2-stage filtration and then over the anti-microbial copper cooling coils before it enters the inside spaces on a ship. We have also committed to changing the filters at twice the frequency recommended by the manufacturer for added quality protection.

Cleaning Protocols

  • Will there be hand sanitizer provided in the stateroom and around the ship?

    Hand sanitizer stations have always been available throughout the ship and we're placing them anywhere you're most likely to use them— near elevators and at exits and entrances to all venues, plus anywhere onboard that doesn't have handwashing stations or restroom sinks in the immediate area.

  • What cleaning and safety measures are being taken at the terminal?

    Our terminal sanitization mirrors the high standards set by protocols onboard our ships. We target high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas by frequently applying cleaning agents that are alcohol-based, safe for use around general populations, and meet the standards of regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally, physical distancing will be observed at all terminals, hand sanitizations will be in place and guests may be required to wear a face mask.

  • Will you provide any personal protective equipment onboard?

    Each guest will be provided with a mask upon arriving in their stateroom. However, we encourage you to pack and wear your own face masks to ensure you're comfortable with the mask and it fits properly. Around the ship, you'll find we've increased Purell® hand sanitizer stations. Gloves will be provided to our crew members who require them in their roles, and guests are welcome to bring their own.

  • How are you ensuring guests are washing and sanitizing their hands?

    Hand hygiene onboard has always been a priority for us, as a proven way of helping protect the health and safety of our guests and crew, with numerous restrooms and hand sanitizer stations located throughout the ship. Now we've increased and enhanced those efforts by increasing the number of Purell® sanitizer stations around the ship.

  • What are your cleaning and sanitization standards on the ship? What guidelines apply, and how do you know they are sound? How is the crew trained to implement them effectively?

    In compliance with strict standards set by the CDC, our ships have always been maintained using the most rigorous cleaning regimens. Now, with guidance from our Healthy Sail Panel, we’ve evaluated every element of our cleaning protocols and enhanced those regimens to meet medical-grade standards. All ships are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to every voyage, consistently and frequently throughout your sailing, with disinfecting cleaning agents and techniques that have been certified by health authorities as effective against SARS-Cov-2 (coronavirus). All chemicals are EPA-certified, alcohol-based, and safe for the general population. All stateroom and housekeeping attendants will be continuously trained on the latest sanitization guidelines.

  • How are my linens and towels washed to ensure they are sanitized?

    The temperature of washers and dryers onboard follows the guidance of the U.S. CDC to ensure all laundered goods, including towels, bed linens, and cloth napkins, are fully sanitized.

  • How are crew member areas and rooms cleaned? Are crew members expected to abide by similar policies as the guests?

    All crew members are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their private rooms while following the same cleaning and sanitization standards put into place for guest staterooms. We have a comprehensive inspection process for crew accommodations and crew public areas that ensure all standards are followed.

Good To Know

  • Will I be required to wear a mask while onboard and when going ashore?

    All guests and crew will be required to wear face masks when physical distancing isn’t possible including indoor public areas, terminals and during shore excursions in accordance with the Healthy Sail Panel and CDC latest recommendations. Guests will not be required to wear masks in their staterooms, while dining in restaurants or in outdoor areas where physical distancing can be maintained. We’re continually monitoring public health guidelines and will modify masks policies as new information becomes available and standards evolve.


  • How do you decide if it is safe for the ship to visit a destination?

    We will regularly monitor ports of call on our itineraries, with the intent to minimize the risk to our guests, our crew, and the communities we visit. We will make a determination based on several prerequisites, including the prevalence of COVID-19 and availability of testing at those destinations.

  • What requirements are there for guests who wish to go ashore in ports of call? Will I be required to buy a shore excursion? Can I take an independent tour?

    Views on independent exploration by international visitors vary from country to country and even port to port. This remains a very fluid situation. We encourage all guests to explore on one of our curated and controlled shore excursions, whether that be a small group experience or a private one. Our shore excursions are available to book on-line or through one of our Destination Insiders who can create a customized Private Journey for you. We’re continually monitoring public health guidelines and will modify policies as new information becomes available and standards evolve.


  • How full will the ship be? Will there be fewer guests onboard than usual to promote physical distancing?

    Yes, as we return to sailing, you will find there are fewer guests onboard, giving your travel party and others more space to enjoy during your vacation. This will make physical distancing across venues a lot easier and ensure everyone will get a chance to enjoy different activities in smaller groups with plenty of spacing. The number of guests onboard may be adjusted in the future as situations evolve.


  • What is defined as a traveling party?

    The term "traveling party" can include guests traveling in the same stateroom or reservation; guests traveling in multiple staterooms or as part of multiple reservations; as well as guests we determine to be legally or socially related or proximate in any way, at any time prior to or during the voyage, for any duration of time.

  • Will I be able to dine or gather with friends outside of my traveling party?

    The healthy sail panel encourages guests traveling together to remain together while traveling and to physically distance themselves not from each other, but from other guests/groups when in public spaces. It is important to note that contact tracing may deem you or someone in your traveling party a "close contact" of another guest if you were within 6 feet of someone infected with COVID-19 for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period (for example, three individual 5-minute exposures for a total of 15 minutes in one day). If you are found to meet this contact threshold, certain actions may be required for your safety and the safety of your fellow guests.

  • What protocols are in place for a safe dining experience onboard? What are the protocols at buffets and restaurants?

    All your favorite restaurants you've been craving will be waiting for you onboard— though some changes have been made for your safety. Reservations are recommended for all dining venues and can be made once onboard. Restaurant seating will be arranged to allow for physical distancing, so guests can eat and drink without face masks while seated, and tables and chairs will be sanitized regularly. Buffets will now be served by crew rather than self-service, and more covered or wrapped grab-and-go items will be made available for your convenience around the ship.  We’re continually monitoring public health guidelines and will modify policies as new information becomes available and standards evolve.


  • Will you still require the guest safety muster drill? How will this be conducted safely?

    Muster drills are an important part of ensuring our guests' safety— and we're excited to introduce an entirely new approach to delivering that information, called Guest Safety Briefing. This new briefing streamlines the traditional muster process, making the key elements of the safety drill available on a more personal basis.  As soon as guests arrive onboard, they will be escorted directly to their muster station, where a member of the ship’s team will go over the safety information in person, including information such as what to expect, where to go in case of an emergency and how to properly use a lifejacket.  This will take only a few minutes, and could be individually or in a very small group.  Once done, guests will be escorted to their rooms and can rest, unpack or explore the ship.


  • Will room service still be available?

    Yes, room service will still be available for your convenience, and as an added measure to protect the health and safety of our guests and crew, will feature contactless delivery.


  • What services for Suite guests will be available and what will be discontinued?

    All of the services our suite guests have come to expect will still be available to them, from priority boarding to upgraded bathroom amenities.

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