Taking Care

We don’t want anything to hold you back from having an immersive, unforgettable voyage with us. We’ve got the onboard staff and services to assist with your medical needs and make your time with us hassle-free. If you have another type of medical condition not listed below, please inquire about policies and procedures that may affect your voyage.

Onboard Physicians

Every Azamara vessel is equipped with a medical facility. At least one licensed physician and one nurse are generally in attendance on all Azamara® voyages. Select medical services and medications are available for a fee, though medication types are limited. While we’re here to help with any medical issues that arise, our medical facilities are not intended as clinics for guests, and Azamara is not responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, or services furnished by shipboard medical personnel, who are independent contractors.


Guests requiring continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis are welcome onboard all Azamara vessels. However, Azamara does not have the ability to assist or administer hemodialysis treatments. Guests using peritoneal dialysis should have all solutions and equipment needed to perform the dialysis delivered to the vessel on the day of sailing at least two hours prior to departure. Please contact us for more information on dialysis policies and procedures.


All types of oxygen are permitted onboard. Please notify us as to the quantity, type and delivery schedule. Each vessel has a different storage policy; however, you will be able to keep some or all of your cylinders in your stateroom.


Expectant mothers are welcome, however Azamara cannot accept guests who will be more than 23 weeks pregnant at any time during the cruise or cruisetour. All guests are required to sign a health questionnaire at check-in to ensure they are aware of our pregnancy policy. If you have already booked a cruise or CruiseTour and do not meet this requirement, please contact your Travel Agent or call us at (833) 218-6583 and request a Resolution Agent.


Infants sailing on a cruise must be at least six months old as of the first day of the cruise and/or CruiseTour. Note: For transatlantic, transpacific, Hawaii, select South America and other selected cruises and/or CruiseTours, the infant must be at least 12 months old as of the first day of the cruise/CruiseTour. Any cruise that has three or more consecutive days at sea will require infants to be 12 months old on the first day of the cruise/CruiseTour.

Please be aware that guests traveling with a young infant that does not meet the infant policy will be denied boarding. No refunds or other compensation shall be due from the cruise line to anyone as a result of the denial of boarding to an underage infant or other accompanying guests.

Note: If you have another type of medical condition that has not been mentioned, please inquire about policies and procedures that may affect your voyage.