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A Conversation with Elisabeth Vogel

Thursday, March 03, 2022
By Azamara

As Hotel Director for Azamara, Elisabeth Vogel knows a thing or two about comfort. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Elisabeth received her hospitality training at Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten, a 5-star hotel in Munich. She’s done it all throughout the years, working in a variety of roles throughout the hospitality industry. In fact, at one point, she was the Assistant Executive Housekeeper for King Hussein of Jordan. So when we say she knows how to treat guests like royalty, we’re not kidding around!

Elisabeth Vogel and friend

Elisabeth started her time with Azamara aboard the Journey (alongside some familiar faces like Captain JohannesHeikeEric, Fred, Iwan, Alme and Mario), and it was love at first sail! “I honestly can say that Azamara fits me like a glove,” Elisabeth says. “I stepped foot on the ships and I loved it. I felt welcome and at home.”

Most recently, Elisabeth has called the Pursuit her home after a stint in Belfast as part of the shipyard team. “There is fun every day, also challenges, but why are we there if not to solve things and give our guests the best experience?” Elisabeth says. “I love my fellow crew members. We have such a laugh and good times.”

So, how does someone so focused on helping others relax spend her downtime? Well, we asked Elisabeth just that question and discovered that she loves painting. Of course, creating art is known to have many benefits. It stimulates creative growth, promotes stress relief, is great for the memory, and an excellent way to pass the time.

​Elisabeth started painting at the age of four, when she, in her words, “Annoyed a neighbor’s daughter who studied Art. She gave me a pen, paper and a mirror, so I painted my first and last self-portrait.” While Elisabeth may not have been a big fan of her self-portrait, her parents certainly were. “They framed it as they thought it was so good. So I got labelled as good at it.”

For a time, Elisabeth considered studying art, but her competitive nature sent her down a different path. “I wanted to study art, but because I was second best in my art class, I thought I would try something else, where I might be best,” she said. We might be biased, but we’re certainly happy she chose the path she did.

Elisabeth still paints and draws to this day, and shared a few of her pieces with us.

A painting of a Tucon A painting of a flamingo

A painting of a ZebraShe also shared the self-portrait her parents framed when she was four, and we have to agree that the talent was on display from an early age!

These days, Elisabeth is at home, but her heart remains with Azamara. “I’m feeling ‘seasick’ in the meaning of homesickness, as I miss my crew, friends, and family. We call it Fernweh in German, which means the pain you feel if you can’t explore and see the world. I am touched by all the messages I received from guests who are concerned about our well being. Only with Azamara do we have guests that are asking about the well being of the crew in times like these”

As for her final thoughts before we said goodbye? “I hope we can do this again sooner than later together.”

We couldn’t agree more, Elisabeth. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and sharing your paintings.

Have you been painting lately? We’d love to see your masterpieces! Share them with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. And to stay up-to-date on the latest news, be sure to sign up for our emails.

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