Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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Say Hello to Your Loyalty Team!

You’ve earned the points, we’ll help you put them to good use. From your loyalty hosts onboard to your shoreside team and dedicated loyalty desk, we’re here to keep you informed on all that Azamara Circle membership has to offer—and to treat you to some exclusive experiences when you sail with us.

We love travel just as much as you do, and we’re excited to help you feel like part of our Azamara family. Get to know our shipboard, shoreside, and loyalty desk team that supports our rewarding loyalty program.


Meet Patty and Sandra

Patty Gonzalez

Patty Gonzalez

Loyalty Director

Intrigued by the creative side of business from an early age, Patty fell in love with the travel industry when she joined the Royal Caribbean Group. family in 2011. She counts her vacation to Australia and New Zealand as one of her favorite travel experiences, and can’t wait to share her love of the Azamara brand with you.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background and what led you to be part of the Azamara family?

I was born in New Jersey to Cuban-Argentinian parents and raised in Miami since the age of three. From an early age, I’ve always been very interested in the creative side of business and knew I wanted to have a career in marketing. After college, I started working at a reputable advertising agency in Coral Gables, Florida. After a few years (and several marketing campaigns later), I decided to pursue my Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) to expand my horizons and gain a deeper understanding of other business areas. In 2011, I was approached to join the Royal Caribbean Group. I fell in love with the travel industry because it combines my passion for travel and creative thinking with the opportunity to provide people with unforgettable travel memories. I have held multiple strategic positions within the company supporting both Azamara and Celebrity Cruises. In 2015, I had the opportunity to sail on the Azamara Journey to Norway and Edinburgh for the British Open. This trip, which was one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of my life, is what made me realize how special and meaningful this brand truly is. The crew, the destinations, and our guests are unparalleled. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a unique brand and I’m excited to see the brand continue to growth with the addition of our newest ship, Azamara Pursuit.

Q: Best vacation you’ve been to?

One of my favorite things to do is to travel and experience new places and cultures. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of amazing destinations for work and personal vacations such as Greece, Israel, Italy, Cuba, Norway, Alaska and many more. But my absolute favorite by far was a trip I took to Australia and New Zealand in 2014, where my husband proposed. I still remember this trip like it was yesterday. We started our trip in the heart of Sydney walking from Circular Quay through the lush Royal Botanic Garden. The views of the harbor, Opera House and Sydney Bridge were straight out of a postcard and something I will never forget. We made our way to a historic rock ledge, known as Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, which was carved for Governor Lachlan Macquarie's wife and is known as one of the best look-out question-labels over the harbor. Before I knew it, my husband was down on one knee proposing. It was an amazing way to begin our 2-week vacation!

Q: What do you hope to accomplish as part of the Azamara Circle Team?

Historically, I’ve worked very hard behind-the-scenes to deliver engaging communications and new experiences for our guests, including Azamara’s award-winning “For the Love of Travel” destination book. As the Azamara Circle Member Director, I’m excited to have more exposure to our guests, who share the same passion for travel, and to learn more about what excites them as travelers. My top priority is to drive guest satisfaction among our loyalty members and to further reinforce their love for the brand. Our loyalty members are like family and I’m excited to get to know more of our guests who make this brand so special.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do?

Some of my favorite things to do include spending time with family and friends, cooking, trying new restaurants and of course, traveling. I usually cook about 3-4 times a week and love being able to combine ingredients to create something new, while sipping a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. I also love to travel with my husband, whether it’s a weekend getaway to Napa Valley (one of my favorite places to visit in the States) or a more exotic trip to a new destination I’ve never been to. A few of the top places on my bucket list include Argentina (to visit my mother’s hometown), Vietnam and Thailand.

Q: What do you love most about Azamara?

Azamara is a unique gem in the cruise industry – the experience we deliver is like no other. What I love most is our genuine, family-environment and the intimate size of our ships. Everyone on the team is so passionate about Azamara and the superior experience we provide our guests. It’s what motivates me each and every day and is at the core of our brand. I’m honored to work with such a passionate team of individuals and for the wonderful friendships I’ve made, both on and off the ship.

Sandra Penaranda

Sandra Penaranda

Loyalty Ambassador

A native of Colombia and longtime South Florida resident, Sandra considers her father’s influence and love of making people happy as the main motivators for working in the hospitality and cruise industries. She describes Azamara as immersive, genuine, and luxurious, and says a trip to Italy is next on her wish list itinerary.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background and what led you to be part of the Azamara family?

I was born in Cali, Colombia and my family and I came to South Florida when I was seven. My father was a huge influence for me to head towards the business field, and I always had a passion for making people happy. As a result, I worked at the All-Star Music Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando. It was then that I noticed how much one person can impact a family’s vacation. After Disney, I stayed in the hospitality field for a while until I had the opportunity to work at Celebrity Cruises, where I started as a Service Agent and transitioned to a Pre Cruise Concierge shortly after. What I loved the most about being a Pre Cruise Concierge is being that one person guests can connect with every step of the way. Learning about their travels and experiences, and creating brand new ones for them was the best part of the whole process. This role led me to Azamara, which tied all of my loves together: travel, and meeting and helping people. I’m more than excited to start my journey with Azamara.

Q: What are your interests outside of work?

Every now and then I have my adventurous days and my “snuggle in bed” days. Whenever I feel adventurous I like to wake up early in the morning, make myself breakfast, go workout, come back, shower and get ready to go out canoeing, explore the city and try new restaurants. I’m a foodie! If I’m feeling less productive, staying home and enjoying good family time is what I treasure. Nothing beats that.

Q: Where do you want to travel that you haven’t been yet?

There are so many places! But, if I had to choose one I would say Italy. Something about the ancient ruins, spectacular cities, wonderful museums, beautiful natural scenery, and let’s not forget about the food. It’s just a must and definitely on my bucket list! Egypt, Ireland, Japan, and Thailand are high on that list as well.

Q: What are 3 words to describe Azamara?

Immersive, genuine and luxurious. As a boutique brand, Azamara truly stands for what we say we are. We’re truly an experience on another level—to travel and be able to feel connected to the city. Unlike many companies in the travel industry, we continuously work on having our guests leave with knowledge of how locals live in each destination we visit. It’s truly an immersive and unique experience.

Q: What’s your biggest motivation?

Personally, my family. They are the ones who continuously inspire me to be better than what I was yesterday. My whole life my parents have taught my siblings and I to be respectful, driven, stay informed, travel, and see the beauty in life. When we emigrated from Colombia, I saw how hard my father worked to have a roof over our heads and a full meal on the table. Throughout the years I’ve learned to respect everything they have done for us and I look at life and people in another way. Seeing my parents go through what they went through, I have learned to admire and respect everyone I meet. Everyone has a story to tell and a reason behind their actions. That’s why I am in the position I am today. I want to continue to deliver outstanding service to all of our Azamara Circle Members. I want to hear each one of their stories and adventures, and be able to create new memories for them. I’m beyond excited to take on the role of Azamara Circle Ambassador and be a part of an amazing brand.




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Membership means a dedicated team of onboard hosts to answer your questions, plan Loyalty events, introduce you to fellow members, and much more. On every voyage, on every ship, our Loyalty hosts are ready to welcome you and help you enjoy all the perks that come with being a loyal Azamara guest.

Please note: The Loyalty shipboard team members pictured above may not represent all current staff onboard.

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