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Amalfi, Italy
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2021 has been awaited by so many of us, and it’s finally here! Let’s grab this new opportunity and look at 2021 through a lens of fresh perspective. We now know how fragile life can be and have learned how important it is to treasure the present and make every moment count with our loved ones. 

The travel industry was impacted heavily, but we're still here and planning a stronger comeback. As we prepare for our return to service, we are planning to make modifications to our onboard events and overall experience to make sure we resume sailings as safely as possible. We will continue to keep you updated on these changes every step of the way.

In addition, this is an exciting moment for Azamara because we were recently purchased by Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm with plans to grow our brand while keeping everything you love about it. Keep reading this month’s newsletter for more details, in addition to news about our new ship, crew updates, Quarterly Savings voyages, recipes from Chef Robert, and more. Let’s all take a moment to plan for 2021, and together, get excited for what the future has in store.


New Ownership, Same Great Product

We’re thrilled to announce that Azamara has been acquired by a new ownership, and will no longer be part of Royal Caribbean Group, in a deal that was tremendously beneficial for all parties involved. In a very exciting time for the brand, Sycamore Partners become the new owners of Azamara, and hope to continue to grow the business, while maintaining the same incredible product and service level Azamara is globally renowned for. This move gives Azamara the funding and freedom it needs to set sail and continue to grow into a top brand in the industry.

"We are pleased that Royal Caribbean Group has entrusted Sycamore to support Azamara in its next phase of growth," said Stefan Kaluzny, Managing Director of Sycamore Partners in a press release.

"We are excited to partner with the Azamara team and build on their many years of success serving the brand's loyal customers. We believe Azamara will remain a top choice for discerning travelers as the cruising industry recovers over time."

Please note that with news of the sale, the status of guests who are members of Azamara’s Loyalty Program will not change; however, there will no longer be reciprocity with Celebrity Cruises’ Captains Club program. We can assure you though that Azamara Loyalty Program members will continue to experience attractive and exclusive benefits and privileges under this new ownership structure.

Our fantastic crew and staff will remain in place as an integral part of the team and its growth, moving forward. We look forward to a healthy return to service, when we can safely welcome you back aboard our ships and back to the service you have become accustomed to.


Crew News

  • Crew BBQ On The Deck Of The Azamara Quest

    Crew BBQ On The Deck Of The Azamara Quest

    To wrap up the month of January, the crew decided to have a delicious and fun BBQ on the deck on a chilly day in Glasgow. It was an afternoon of good food and good company to celebrate a well-deserved month!

  • Christmas onboard Azamara Quest

    Christmas onboard Azamara Quest

    Last year, the staff of the Azamara Quest were promised a visit from Santa; and of course he delivered - In the form of Staff Captain Kosmas! He brought stockings for everyone, with lots of goodies, treats, special meals, and Christmas cheer.

  • Chef Ray Padilla’s Pursuit of Happiness

    Chef Ray Padilla’s Pursuit of Happiness

    Ray Padilla, a Sous Chef on Azamara Pursuit started a dream family business with his son; keeping his culinary creativity alive until he can return to duty. Chef Ray’s is doing quite well, but Ray misses us and will be back on board to resume his duties as we return to service. Great job Ray, we’re proud of you!

Date Night Dinner Recipe by Chef Robert

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Celebrating the month of love

Nothing seems more romantic than envisioning a beautiful candlelit dinner in a small dimly-lit restaurant in Paris. Celebrating the month of love with your loved ones can be a little tricky this February, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a romantic atmosphere at home. There will still be time to whisk your sweetheart or family away to a beautiful European getaway, however, for now you can bring the romance to them.

  • Plan The Menu

    Plan The Menu

    Recreate a popular French meal, such as Beef Bourguignon. There are many recipes available online like this Julia Child’s one, some are even quite simple. Pair it with your favorite red wine and a fresh baguette for a simple yet exquisite meal.

  • Set the Mood

    Set the Mood

    Change your regular dining area around; eat at a smaller table, or cover yours with a tablecloth. Dim the lights and add a candle. Use your fancier dishes for once! Small changes will not only reinvigorate your setting, it will also make it feel like a little French bistro.

  • Fancy Drinks

    Fancy Drinks

    Make sure to spoil yourself by breaking out the good bottle of wine for dinner. Get into the mood with a cocktail hour while dinner is cooking also. David Lebovitz’s book “Drinking French” has 160 recipes of French cocktails and drinks you can try.

  • Paris Playlist

    Paris Playlist

    Some of our favorite café’s in Paris stream jazz music. Set the mood by playing some good music. There are even playlists on popular streaming platforms called French Bistro Music.

  • Take Photos

    Take Photos

    Just because you didn't go out or travel to another country does not mean you can't capture your memories! Document your date night with selfies, or set your camera up with a timer to get everyone at the table, like the waiter took it for you!

  • Plan the Real Thing

    Plan the Real Thing

    As you enjoy this time with your loved ones, turn your dreams of a romantic trip to France into reality by planning and booking your very own European adventure aboard the Azamara Quest. Voyages to Northern & Western Europe as well as the Mediterranean are open for booking now, and include stopovers in France!

    Azamara Adds A New Member To The Fleet!

    Please welcome the newest addition to the Azamara family - expanding our fleet to four ships! Much like her sisters Journey, Quest and Pursuit this new member is an “R-Class” vessel, meaning it is very similar in size and layout. A name will follow, but it will need to be fully renovated to match the same style and quality as the rest of our fleet, as well as to add a few unique surprises. We expect to see expansion to our capacity by 2022. 

    Our president, Carol Cabezas made the announcement via video recently, where she also confirmed that this is just the first step in our exciting growth.

    Watch Video

  • Thank You!

    As we embark on new adventures and make many exciting changes, we wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming show of support we have received during these times. Our announcements and posts have been met with words of encouragement, positive messages, and love. We cannot wait for the opportunity to have you aboard to return the kindness!

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    “Fantastic news really pleased to hear about this new arrival”

    – Ann Jakeman, Facebook

  • Slide 3

    “Just booked a Christmas cruise, looking forward already”

    – Keith Phillips, Facebook

  • Slide 4

    “How wonderful to be re-united with your fourth sister! Can't wait to be introduced as I'm sure she will be just beautiful by the time your refurbishment is completed”

    – Lisa Crouch, Facebook

  • Slide 5

    “We love Azamara and have had our best cruise experiences with them over the years. There is so much negativity and speculation here as to their future. I choose to be happy that there is a lifeline to assure the brilliant staff of their jobs for the immediate future and we can't wait to experience our next cruise with them.”

    – Laverne Morrison, Facebook

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    Looking forward to the same wonderful cruises as before once we can travel again. Fingers are crossed!”

    – Linda Wilkinson, Facebook



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