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Sitka, Alaska
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Unbridled Landscapes.
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Unbelievable Cruises.

Vast wilderness patrolled by wolves, bears, and majestic bald eagles. Rich waters set to a soundtrack of seabirds and whale calls. Alaska is everything you ever dreamed it to be and more. Misty ports and snow-capped mountains welcome you at almost every turn, with adventure just beyond the horizon. A distinct heritage, hearty culture, and “sky’s the limit attitude” are just a few reasons you’ll fall in love with the 49th state.

Panoramic Beauty

Kayak along craggy cliffs and dramatic fjords. Listen to whales breach icy waters and icebergs calving off of blue-lit glaciers. Encounter amazing wildlife. Explore dense cedar and spruce-lined rainforests that fringe quaint downtown streets with false-front stores and Russian architecture. Watch traditional dance performances, grab a pint of local brew, and take in live music while savoring the freshest seafood this side of the Pacific. Peruse galleries, meet local artists, and learn about Alaska’s rich history in one of its many museums. Share in local tradition, and cook your own catch of the day over an open fire.

Leave behind everything you thought you knew about Alaska, and prepare to embrace a side of yourself you didn’t know existed.

Wondrous Wildlife

With over 17 million acres of protected forest, you can be sure Alaska’s Tongass National Rainforest is brimming with wildlife rarely seen outside of city zoos. With its abundant streams, lakes, and Pacific coasts, rugged lands and rich plant life, Alaska attract hundreds of species of fish and birds, several types of whales, and countless animals you won’t find anywhere else.

Lions, tigers, and bears? Try Kodiak’s, wolves, and humpbacks—to name a few. Oh, and of course, Alaska’s bounty of salmon, halibut, and crab is known to attract humans from time to time.

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