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Azamara Club Cruises® – General Information

The following information should be read in conjunction with our Booking Conditions.



Q: What is the dress code on board?

A: Appropriate attire on board Azamara Club Cruises® is always resort casual; there aren’t any scheduled formal nights. However, guests should always feel comfortable wearing formal attire if they so desire, but please note, no tuxedo hire is available on board.

No bare feet, vest tops, caps, swimwear, shorts or torn/distressed jeans are allowed in the main dining room or speciality restaurants.

When visiting museums, mosques, temples and churches it is appropriate (and in many cases mandatory) to dress conservatively. Women should wear trousers or skirts that cover the knees. Bare shoulders and sleeveless tops and shorts are often not permitted for men or women.

Please consider the expected weather conditions/temperatures when packing for your holiday.

Examples of resort casual attire:


Casual dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets


Trousers, shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, jackets/windbreakers.


Q: The Weather

A: Our cruises encompass a variety of continents and destinations and therefore the weather in each region will vary. Some of the destinations visited are tropical and may experience heavy rainfall or strong winds (sometimes hurricane force) at certain times of the year. Azamara Club Cruises® cannot accept liability for adverse weather conditions during your cruise holiday. See clause 5.10 of our Booking Conditions.


Q: How do I get my cruise tickets and bag tags?

A: We are now using electronic tickets for our guests. When you receive your e-docs, you can print your personalised bag tags from the website or you can use the personalised bag tag from within your e-doc. You can also obtain tags from a porter at the pier.


Q: What is my luggage allowance?

A: Each adult passenger is permitted to bring on board the ship or check-in only the wearing apparel and personal effects reasonably necessary for the cruise, which includes suitcases, trunks, valises, satchels, suit bags, containing clothing, toiletries and similar items. For the avoidance of doubt we are not obliged to transport items such as the tools of trade, household items such as white goods or any other items that are not customarily carried by passengers on cruise holidays.

The maximum luggage allowance for guests boarding our ships is 90kg per guest, however, airlines also impose their own baggage allowance, with which you must also comply, this is usually less than the cruise allowance. Please note if you are sailing on a transatlantic cruise and you have booked a fly/cruise package, that your luggage allowance will be limited to the lower allowance, specified by the airline. Some guests may be aware that the baggage allowance is 20kg, but may not be aware that they are allowed one bag only at 20kg. Any additional bag will incur charges. There are always restrictions on the amount, size and weight of the luggage you may take on any flight, in particular where we are using non-scheduled services. We strongly recommend that you check with the airline for confirmation of your baggage allowance as in some instances baggage allowance can be limited to as little as 15kg. All luggage allowances are subject to variation by the airline concerned and you may be charged additional costs by the airline for excess luggage. Recently many airlines have reduced the number of free pieces of checked baggage you can take on transatlantic flights. Please check with your airline for details. Please note: we reserve the right to strictly enforce the luggage allowance limitation. Please also note that if all or any portion of your flight is a charter operation, you must carefully check the luggage allowance, as it may not be the standard as offered by the airline operating the flight.

Q: How do I check-in for boarding the ship?

A: In order to make your check-in and boarding process as simple as possible, we recommend that you go online at to complete your embarkation forms. Click on ‘Already Booked’ then ‘Online Check-in’ and submit these details online. You can then print off your Express Pass. If you are unable to print your barcoded boarding Xpress pass, this may be due to an outstanding balance on your booking. If you have booked via a travel agent, please speak to your travel agent so that the funds can be transferred to us so that you can access your Express Pass.

By checking in online for your cruise, you will significantly speed up your check-in process and will be able to board the ship sooner and avoid possible delays and queues at the cruise terminal. If completing your Online Check-In online is not possible, your embarkation forms will automatically be included with your electronic cruise documents. Please complete these forms before you arrive at the cruise terminal.

In the cruise terminal, simply present your cruise documents at the check-in desk where you will receive your Azamara KeyCard. The KeyCard is your identification card for re-boarding the ship in the various ports of call, the key to your stateroom and your Charge Card for all your on board purchases.

Your Stateroom Attendant will deliver your luggage as soon as possible after boarding. We recommend that items you may need, such as medicines are packed in your hand luggage.

Q: When can I board the ship?

A: We request that all guests check-in no later than 90 minutes prior to the scheduled sailing time to ensure luggage and security screening. Guests will not be allowed to board after check-in has been closed. Late arriving guests will need to join the cruise at an approved down line port of call. It is your responsibility to arrive on time unless you are transferring to the ship via our transport. If you are not on board at least 90 minutes before the ship’s scheduled sailing time, we shall at that time be entitled to treat your non-arrival as a cancellation by you and as such 100% cancellation charges will be payable and no refund will be made. Please note, for security reasons, you will not be permitted to bring any visitors on board the ship in any port. Boarding cut-off times for any port of call, destination or point of departure are as announced on the applicable cruise.

Q: How should I prepare for disembarkation?

A: The Cruise Director will give detailed instructions about disembarkation and clearing customs and immigration during the departure talk on the last day of the cruise. Guests must disembark the ship by 08:30hrs on debarkation day. If you have booked your flights with us you will be transferred to the airport at this time, irrespective of the flight departure time.

Q: What do I need to do on the last night of the cruise?

A: Pack your bags and place them outside your stateroom door by the time you are advised on board. Your stateroom attendant will give you luggage tags for each piece of luggage. Please clearly write your name, home address and, where applicable, flight details on each tag. Carry fragile, important and valuable items with you. We recommend that you bring an overnight bag with you for your last night on board.

Q: What hotel arrangements are made for me prior to my boarding and after I disembark from the ship?

A: If your booking with us is cruise-only i.e. you have not booked your flights through Azamara Club Cruises®, no arrangements will be made for you. If your booking with us is a standard fly/cruise package i.e. you have flights booked and arranged through Azamara Club Cruises® and your outward flight is scheduled for the day of sailing, no hotel arrangements will be made and you will be transferred by coach to the ship. If your booking with us is a standard fly/cruise package and your outward flight is scheduled to arrive the day prior to the cruise (generally transatlantic or other long haul flights), you will be provided with a hotel room at a hotel of our choice (subject to change) on a room-only basis. You will be transferred to the ship the following day. On disembarkation, if your booking with us is on a cruise-only basis, you will proceed through Customs and Immigration, collect your luggage and continue with your independently made onward arrangements. If, however, your booking is on a fly/cruise basis, a transfer to the airport will also be provided.

In certain ports of call, where the return flight is late in the day (fly/cruise guests only), we may at our discretion provide a complimentary dayroom/luggage store, tour or similar arrangements prior to your return flight. Please check your travel documents for details of any post-cruise arrangements applicable to your booking (subject to change).

Q: When should I schedule my flight home?

A: If we are not arranging flights for you, please consult your Travel Agent on the most appropriate flight times, ensuring you allow sufficient time both prior to embarkation and following disembarkation. You will normally be asked to have disembarked the ship before 08:30 on disembarkation day. Actual times will be shown in your cruise tickets. Please note that the time a ship sails and the time it arrives back, may be subject to change in advance of the cruise or on the day, so please factor in delays when arranging your own onward journeys.


Q: What do the ship’s Guest Relations staff do?

A: The Guest Relations Desk is available 24 hours a day. The Desk operates as your source of general information as well as customs, immigration & foreign exchange.

Q: What about electrical equipment?

A: The on board voltage is 110/220 AC (maximum 1500 watts) so please take any necessary adapters (N. European and North America adaptors will both work). Hair dryers are provided in all staterooms throughout the Azamara fleet. Please note: if you are bringing any medical equipment with you that requires mains power, please ensure you check the power requirements with our Special Services team in advance of your cruise.

Q: Is the ship wireless?

A: Both Azamara ships have wireless Internet access, available around the ship. Internet minutes can be purchased in various packages, depending on the number of minutes you plan on using while on board.

Q: What about laundry?

A: Self-service laundry facilities are available on board both Azamara ships on Deck 7 (midship) free of charge. Additionally, laundry and dry-cleaning services are available on board, and prices vary by service and garment type.

Q: What about stateroom sizes? What about staterooms that can accommodate three or four guests?

A: Please bear in mind that staterooms, by nature, cannot be compared in size to hotel rooms you may find on shore. Should you wish to know the dimensions of any stateroom, this information can be obtained from your travel agent or your reservation agent if you are booking direct or via our website. Each ship has a limited number of three and four berth (bed) staterooms. These staterooms are popular with families, or adults travelling in groups of three or four. Three and four berth staterooms will be made up of a combination of lower berths, upper berths or sofa beds. Please check with your travel agent, your reservation agent or through our website at the time of booking should you wish to clarify the configuration of any stateroom. Fully occupied staterooms may not also be able to accommodate a baby cot. Please note that children under the age of six (6) years are not permitted to occupy upper berths within any stateroom. Please also note that due to the height of the upper berths, these berths may not be suitable for the elderly and those with physical impairment due to being Pullman style and requiring a short ladder to be climbed. As such we strongly recommend that you consider instead booking an alternative stateroom to accommodate such guests in lower berths or sofa bed.


Q: What is included in my voyage?

A: The price of the voyage includes ocean transportation, ship accommodations, most meals, our inclusive selection of beers, bottled water & spirits, most entertainment, as well as gratuities for your stateroom attendants, bar and dining waiting staff, selected house wine, port shuttle buses when offered, coffee, tea and selected still bottled water (Evian, San Pellegrino and other specialty water excluded), soda/soft drinks and self-service laundry. The amount of money needed for items of a personal nature, such as shore excursions, enhanced beverage packages, some speciality dining options*, gratuities to non-dining and bar waiting staff, etc. will be at your discretion.

*Speciality dining in Azamara Club Cruises’® intimate Prime C steakhouse and the Mediterranean-influenced Aqualina is complimentary for suite guests for the duration of their voyage.

Q: How do I pay for on board purchases?

A: All items on board are priced in US Dollars. All Azamara Club Cruises® ships operate on a ‘cashless’ system. Simply validate your Azamara KeyCard account with an acceptable credit card at the cruise check-in desk. Then you can sign all on board purchases to your account. At the end of your cruise you will receive a completely itemised statement. Guests, who pay their Azamara KeyCard account with a credit card issued in a currency other than US Dollars, will be charged in the same local currency that the credit card is issued in. For example, a GBP credit card issued in the UK will be charged in GBP. Please note that this transaction may be subject to a fee from your credit card company. The transaction value of your spending on board the ship plus the exchange rate to be applied will appear on your itemised statement. We will carry out the currency conversion at the commercial daily rate of exchange provided by a reputable foreign exchange dealer and a currency conversion charge will also apply. Please note that a currency conversion charge is usually made by credit card companies, but it should not be necessary for your credit card company to charge such a fee when your transaction value has already been converted to your local currency by us.

Should you wish to opt out of this, therefore having your credit card charged in US Dollars (with your credit card company applying the rate of exchange and currency conversion charge), please inform our check-in agent at the pier.

Azamara KeyCard accounts may be settled in cash. We cannot accept personal cheques or any currency other than US Dollars. Only US currency is accepted on board Azamara ships. A cash machine is available on all Azamara ships which dispenses US Dollars (USD $5 fee per transaction will be levied for this service), and Euros (€6 fee per transaction) for European sailings. Please consult your on board Daily Programme for the opening times of the on board Foreign Exchange desk. Whilst most major credit cards are accepted at our destinations ashore, you should ensure that you have a small denomination of the local currency for incidental expenditure. You can, if you wish, cash small amounts of US dollar traveller’s cheques on board. At the time of printing the following credit cards are accepted on board Azamara ships: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery and Diners Card. Since American Express Traveller Cheque Cards are prepaid cards, they cannot be used for on board cruise charges, nor are any other pre-paid cards.

Whilst you are on board your daily spend will be authorised at the close of business each day. Your card provider, as part of their standard procedures, may retain these authorisations for up to 28 days which are outside of the control of Azamara Club Cruises®. For this reason, you may wish to set up a cash only account or register a credit card rather than a debit card at the start of your sailing.


Q: What are on board service charges/gratuities?

A: On board service charges for your stateroom attendants, dining room and bar waiting staff are included in your voyage fare.

Please note: Spa gratuities are not included in your voyage fare. For your convenience 18% gratuity will be added to your on board account for Spa services.


Q: What about facilities for families?

A: Azamara Club Cruises® accepts guests of any age*, but discourages families from sailing with children under 18 years of age, as the on board ambience and experience caters to adults and there are no activities for children or baby-sitting services available.

Please note: we have a medical centre on board which is staffed by a fully qualified doctor; however our doctors are not paediatricians. Guests must therefore bring on board an adequate supply of specific medications they need for all members of their family.

*Please see our Terms & Conditions for details of minimum age for sailing.


Q: When and where can I dine on board?

A: We offer open seating for dining in the main dining room, and therefore, there are no assigned dining times. Times vary according to arrival times in ports of call and on board events.

Q: Can I call Room Service?

A: Yes. It is available 24 hours a day whether you want an extra blanket or a midnight snack. Room service is complimentary, although you may wish to offer a gratuity to room service staff. A full breakfast is available between 6:30 am–10:00 am in guests’ staterooms.

Q: What about alcoholic drinks?

A: The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on Azamara Club Cruises® ships is twenty-one (21). However on International cruises departing from ports in Europe, Asia, South America and Australasia, where the legal drinking age is typically lower, the minimum drinking age is lowered to eighteen (18). All guests must agree to comply with Azamara’s Guest Conduct policies. We reserve the right to vary minimum age limits without notice where local laws require or where deemed desirable or necessary. Within the territorial waters of some countries on your itinerary or the embarkation port, the on board shops may be closed or alternatively restrictions may be imposed on some items available for purchase. Please note: some of our cruise itineraries call exclusively upon EU ports of call and for such cruises we are required to charge VAT (value added tax) on certain on board goods and services depending on the VAT regulations of the home port country or the country of a port of call. Such VAT is charged on goods and services at the point of sale and is subsequently paid over to the country charging the VAT.

You may bring your own spirit, beer or wine for private consumption in your suite or stateroom. If you wish to consume your spirit, beer or wine in any shipboard restaurant, bar or dining venue, each bottle is subject to a corkage fee of $10.


Q: What happens if I am ill on board ship?

A: There is a medical centre on board our ships, which is staffed by a fully qualified doctor and a minimum of one nurse. The medical services available and medications kept on board are extremely limited, and guests must bring an adequate supply of any specific medications they need. Our medical facilities are not intended or designed to serve as a clinic for guests. There is a charge for all medical services and adequate travel medical insurance is strongly recommended. Charges must be paid on board ship and claims for reimbursement should be directed to your travel insurers. Charges are based upon US Government Medicare Physician Fee schedules. The medical centre provides complimentary motion sickness tablets if required. We are not responsible for the diagnosis, treatment or services furnished by shipboard medical personnel


Q: What is your smoking policy?

A: Each of Azamara Club Cruises® ships have a designated smoking area. This area is located on the portside forward section of the Pool Deck. Smoking areas have signs indicating that smoking is permitted there. All other areas of the ships are non-smoking. This includes Public Rooms, Restaurants, Pool Deck, Staterooms and Suites, Balconies, Corridors and Halls. For the comfort of all of our guests, we request strict adherence to this policy, and thank all of our guests for their cooperation. Changes may be introduced where countries that we are sailing to/from enforce their own local smoking regulations.


Q: How do I find out about and book Azamara Shore Excursions ?

A: To get the most enjoyment out of your visit to a port of call, we recommend you select one of our shore excursions, which have been planned by our travel experts and are recommended by the authorities for the particular ports. To ensure you do not miss out on your chosen shore excursion, we strongly recommend that you visit our website (click on ‘Already Booked’ and then 'Azamara Shore Excursions’) to view tours available for your sailing and to pre-book your place. These must be booked and pre-paid at least 5 days prior to your sailing date. Alternatively you are free to explore and make your own arrangements at each port of call, travel documents permitting.

We strongly recommend that you reserve your place on the AzAmazing Evening provided on your sailing in advance of boarding if you wish to attend. As places are limited we recommend you book early to avoid disappointment. Please note however, that if you do confirm your place and do not participate in the AzAmazing Evening, you may be liable to pay a cancellation fee of which you will be informed of at the time of booking.

The staff at the Shore Excursions Desk on board will be happy to provide you with information and book your excursions. The cost will be charged to your Azamara KeyCard account. Please note some excursions are subject to minimum numbers requirements and may be cancelled if these requirements are not met. Proof of certification is required for all scuba tours.

Subject to our Booking Conditions, Azamara Club Cruises® is not responsible for any injuries or losses sustained whilst guests are ashore, whether on organised excursions or otherwise. Please also see clause 4.6 and 5.7 of our Booking Conditions.


Q: Can I be contacted?

A: Friends and family can reach guests on Azamara Club Cruises® ship 24 hours a day via telephone simply by dialling 001 321 953 9001. Callers must pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). There is no charge for waiting or dialling time; international call charges begin when the caller connects to the ship.

CONSECUTIVE CRUISES (extended voyages)

Q: What about Consecutive cruises?

A: Consecutive cruises are cruises taken back to back for example, a Fjords & Iceland cruise immediately followed by a British Open cruise. Please note that there may be duplication of on board programmes, menus and entertainment. Please also note that due to the preparation of the ship between sailings, some shipboard facilities may not be available on changeover and guests may have to disembark between cruises to satisfy the immigration requirements of the turnaround country. On the changeover day, it may be necessary for you to disembark the ship in order to comply with local customs and immigration rules. It is also necessary for all back to back cruise guests to re-register their Azamara KeyCard on changeover day for the new sailing this must be done at the pier before you board the ship again for your next cruise. If you have booked the same stateroom for each sailing, you may leave luggage within your stateroom. If you have booked different staterooms for each sailing, you will need to pack your luggage at the end of the first sailing and it will be stored for you until your new stateroom is ready for occupancy.

Due to U.S. legislation, guests cannot take consecutive cruises whose first itinerary commences in one US port and the second itinerary concludes in a different US port unless certain other criteria are met. Please contact our Reservations team for details before booking any such consecutive cruises. Where we identify that a booking has been made in violation of these requirements we must reserve the right to cancel any such booking(s) and refund to you the price paid.


Q: What is Cellular at Sea?

A: We’re pleased to offer an advanced cellular roaming network that allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world using your own mobile phone and number. If your network provider supports them, you may also be able to access GPRS and GSM services such as email, web access, and text messaging. Guests are encouraged to check with their providers prior to sailing, to enable roaming and check rates.

Q: Can I join the ship once the cruise is underway at a port of call further along the cruise itinerary?

A: It may be possible for us to arrange for guests to be ‘down lined’. Our staff will need to arrange for security access to be granted for guests to join the ship at a later stage. We must be advised as soon as possible, so we have time to arrange for requests to be authorised. Please note that on some sailings, due to immigration constraints or local legislation, we are unable to arrange down lining for any guests.

Q: What transfer arrangements will be made at each port of call to take me to the nearest city?

A: The transfer arrangements vary at each port of call. In some ports of call, there is a complimentary shuttle available. In other ports of call, a shuttle can be provided for a charge. Full details of the transfer arrangements for each port will be provided on board.


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