Superb Service on the High Seas with Azamara

Superb Service on the High Seas with Azamara

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When I think of distinctive service, I think of my recent cruise with Azamara back in March, earlier this year. They certainly do have a special quality, style, and affinity with their customers. Sometimes what I saw and experienced was more like a family type of relationship then a customer-client relationship. 

Yes, I’ll admit that I had my own personal butler and a suite to myself, and that most of the staff was probably informed of their guests in the suites. That might have made a difference.

Afternoon bubbly in the Bay of Bengal during a luxury voyage with Azamara.

However, on my 16-night spice cruise from Singapore to Dubai, I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful guests that have cruised with Azamara for many years, and others who were on their first cruise with the line. Everyone had the same exceptional experiences.

When I posted a picture of me with Ravin, my butler on Instagram, one of my followers commented on how wonderful he was, and how he was always smiling. That was true, for sure! I was also impressed with the staff and crew's genuine energy. I’m certainly not the only one who felt this way—these types of Azamara experiences were shared on my social channels from other travelers. 

After our White Night party, the service staff probably slept 4 hours, but were all smiling the next day. I’m not sure if I would be that peppy after such a short rest! I feel that the staff’s consistent great attitude all goes back to Azamara’s management. If the staff were not well taken care of, I really don't see how one would be so motivated. Of course, they get paid. However, although money is a wonderful incentive, without good management practices, it won’t motivate people to care about their job. 

The customers were raving about the hotel manager and the captain on Azamara Quest. I met the hotel manager, Philip Herbert and the Captain Carl Smith and felt they were both genuinely friendly. No doubt that the job is not always an easy one, but they expressed their love for travel and the great opportunities to see the world and sense of adventure at sea.

I spoke to numerous guests and the staff, and heard only glowing, positive stories. One story I remember was about one of the guests who lost 25 pounds after an Azamara cruise. When he came back for his following cruise, the staff remembered, recognized and congratulated him. Thank you, Gil, for your wonderful story and for looking after me like a big brother while I traveled alone.  

There were many couples who had traveled with Azamara for years, and they all told me about their love for the crew. Many appreciated how the staff remember their names, the specific requests, stories or incidents from the many cruises. 

The cruise liner’s repeat customers shared these stories about the beloved Azamara Quest crew by word-of-mouth. Thank you for telling me your stories, as they have inspired me to share them with Azamara.

If you are looking for a unique boutique cruise experience, uncommon travel excursions, and extraordinary service then Azamara® is the recommendation I heard often from their return passengers as well as their first-time cruisers. 

I traveled alone, but never felt alone, as the staff was so kind and generous to me. What impressed me was that the kindness didn't stop with the staff; it was also something I received from my fellow passengers. 

I had many wonderful personal experiences with the crew, from Ryan, the IT manager to the folks I have listed on my previous articles. I can't wait to share more stories about their wonderful crew.  

I also can’t wait for another adventure on the Azamara Quest

Ann Tran

Ann Tran is a luxury travel writer located in Washington, DC. Ann has cruised with Azamara several times throughout Europe and Asia.

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