Our Healthy Return To Sailing

Our Healthy Return To Sailing

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For the last several months, we’ve been hard at work charting a course of return to exploring the world. We’ve missed sharing memorable moments, cultures, and countries with you, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be welcoming you back soon. Through our global community consciousness and commitment to wellness — and with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention — we are implementing new standards with our Explore Well at Sea program to ensure a healthy return to exploring from our boutique hotel at sea.

We’ve always said our relationship with our guests is what makes cruising with Azamara different. We go the extra mile for you, and that promise hasn’t changed. That’s why we want to share our Healthy Return to Sailing plan with you. Given the environment, we are continually evaluating these protocols and updating them as public health standards evolve. You can rest assured that you’ll have our most updated program well before your sail date.

Here are all the steps we’re taking to keep you feeling safe along every stop on your journey.

Testing & Screening

A crew member on the deck

Thanks to our Explore Well at Sea plan, your safety is top of mind even before you step foot aboard our ships. Before boarding, you’ll be required to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before sailing, in addition to partaking in a boarding day screening. Upon successful completion of your screening, you’ll be able to join us onboard the Azamara ship for your cruise. Our goal is to ensure the health and happiness of all our guests so that you can have the best cruise possible. 

If you’ve been aboard an Azamara ship before, you’re sure to remember the muster drill — our mandatory emergency drill. Well, we’ve been working hard to evolve this essential part of ensuring your safety. Today, we’re excited to be introducing the Guest Safety Briefing. Think of it like Muster 2.0! This new briefing streamlines the traditional muster process, making the key elements of the safety drill available on a more personal basis. As soon as you arrive onboard, we’ll escort you directly to a muster station. Here, a member of the ship’s team will go over the safety information with you individually or as part of a small group. The entire briefing — which only takes a few minutes — includes what to expect, where to go in case of emergency, and how to use a lifejacket properly. Once done, a crew member will escort you to your room, where you can rest, unpack, and get settled, or explore the ship. 

Cleaning Protocols

The deck of an Azamara ship

If you’ve joined us at sea before, you know how seriously we take the cleanliness of our ships. And now, we’re building upon our already high standards to offer you a clean and safe journey. We’re following advanced cleaning protocols and guidelines recommended by the Healthy Sail Panel of global experts and approved by the CDC. These new measures help ensure your health and wellness while providing peace of mind in knowing that every nook of our boutique ships — from bow to stern — is regularly cleaned and sanitized. Our new standards include:

● Enhanced team member training

● Use of EPA-certified disinfectants

● Electrostatic spraying

● Medical-grade cleaning standards 

● Sanitation and prevention control 

Best of all, you’ll still be able to enjoy everything you love about our ships, including amenities, the warm and friendly service of our crew, and distinctive dining experiences.

Air Quality

We’ve been making fantastic upgrades to our ships during this time, including new HVAC filtration systems. These systems help ensure the air you breathe indoors aboard each of our boutique-style ships is comparable to the fresh sea air you’ll enjoy while relaxing on deck. This advanced filtration system takes in the fresh sea air and moves it through a two-stage filter and then over the anti-microbial copper cooling coils before entering the inside spaces on a ship. In addition, we’re going above and beyond manufacturer recommendations by committing to changing the filters at twice the frequency required. What does this mean for you? Fresh filtered air in staterooms and public areas, as well as HVAC in guest rooms, crew rooms, public spaces, and medical spaces. And speaking of our medical facilities…

Medical Facilities

You can take comfort in our enhanced medical facilities onboard each Azamara vessel. And it’s not just facilities. We’ll also have more equipment, allowing us to ramp up our onboard testing capabilities and telehealth support, as well as execute multi-level response plans. We’ll also have a dedicated infectious control officer sailing with us on each of our voyages. 

We’re confident our enhanced measures will keep our ships safe, but on the outside chance we do detect a COVID-19 case onboard, we have dedicated isolation staterooms to provide comfortable, complimentary care, and new agreements in place with local governments, hospitals, and transportation partners to ensure a safe return home. 

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with total peace of mind — so you can breathe easily and enjoy your voyage with us.

There’s Only One Thing Missing From Our Ships — You

Azamara ships sailing in the open water

We’re so excited to see you aboard our ships again soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore our Healthy Return to Sailing hub to learn more about everything we’re doing to keep you safe. 

Where will you explore with us? Check out our upcoming sailings to choose the perfect cruise for you. And to stay up-to-date on the latest Azamara news, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter

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