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#Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Advisory – 30 March

Azamara Announces Global Voluntary Suspension of Cruising

At Azamara, the safety and well-being of our guests and crew are always our top priorities. After further review, we have decided to extend our global suspension and as a result, we anticipate to resume operations after 11 May 2020. If you are currently onboard a cruise, there’s no need to worry. We will conclude current sailings with modifications in order to provide our guests the best options for their safe return home. 

We’re currently working directly with guests as well as travel advisors impacted by this temporary disruption. As a result of this change, if you’re scheduled to sail with us before 11 May, you will receive a 125% Future Cruise Credit to come back and sail with us by 31 December 2021.

  • This amount will be based on your total cruise fare paid. And, we’re giving you a little extra, knowing that this is such a unique circumstance.
  • We will automatically issue you your Future Cruise Credit by Wednesday, 13 May 2020 via email. So, there’s nothing for you to do!
  • Please note, if you previously opted into the Cruise with Confidence 100% Future Cruise Credit, you do not qualify for this offer.

Or, if you prefer the lower value in a full refund, we’re happy to process this for you. Given how fluid this situation is, and the opportunity to use the extra credit being offered, you have plenty of time to make up your mind. You do not need to request your refund until 31 December 2021.

  • Please contact us to start the refund process, if you’re willing to give up the higher value of your 125% Future Cruise Credit.
  • We’ll then deactivate your Future Cruise Credit and process your refund to your original form(s) of payment.
  • To avoid waiting on the phone to cancel, please click here and we will get the process started for you.
  • You can expect to receive your refund 30 days after you submit your request.

If you purchased Shore Excursions through Azamara...

  • You can opt-in to receive an Onboard Credit in the value of 125% of the total Shore Excursion purchases on your reservation.
    • Click here to request your higher value credit. You can only take advantage of this offer through 8 April 2020.
  • If we don’t hear from you on or before 8 April 2020, your Shore Excursion purchases will be automatically refunded.
    • You’ll receive the refunds 30 days after we process your cancellation request.
    • Please note, this offer does not apply to other pre-purchased amenities and packages – like beverage, internet or specialty dining, or Azamara upgrade, those will be automatically refunded.
    • If you have independent arrangements, we suggest you cancel them with your travel advisor or directly with the service provider who can give you additional guidance.

Please note, guests who have purchased pre- or post-land packages through Azamara will also receive compensation in the same form as their cruise fare.

And, if you purchased air or hotel...

  • If you purchased refundable air or hotel accommodations through Azamara, they will be automatically refunded to you.
  • If you booked non-refundable air through Azamara or booked on your own, please contact the service provider directly for your options with them.

We know, this too shall pass, and we are optimistic that very soon you’ll be excited about planning your next cruise vacation. As always, the most important thing to us will always be the safety of our guests and crew. In the meantime, we’ll continue to monitor the global situation. We wish you good health and truly appreciate your continued loyalty.

For the most current U.S. government travel advisories, be sure to visit these sites:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control

U.S. Department of State

Global Voluntary Suspension of Cruising – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all sailings qualify for "Cruise with Confidence" (CWC)?

This program is applicable to any guests who have cancelled sailings on or before 1 September 2020 from any port.

2. If I canceled prior to the US/Global suspension, can I now get the 125% FCC or the 100% refund?

Unfortunately, no. We understand and appreciate your decision to take advantage of our Cruise with Confidence program to receive compensation valued at 100% Future Cruise Credit. Guests who continued sailing now have no choice, since their sailings have been canceled as a result of our recent voluntary ship suspension, and therefore, those guests are receiving a different compensation offer.

3.Will the requirement for anyone over 70 years of age to have a form from a physician certifying they are fit to travel be a permanent policy even after the virus subsides?

The safety and well-being of our guests and crew is our top priority. All current travel restrictions and requirements were implemented as temporary measures. At this time, the Fit to Travel form for guests 70 years of age and older continues to be part of the health screening and boarding protocol, which must be completed by your physician. If you are unable to provide a signed letter from your doctor or if you have a severe, chronic medical condition, please contact us or your Travel Advisor immediately.

4. What should cruise passengers currently sailing expect?

We’re currently working closely with shipboard leadership as well as local authorities to provide guests with alternative options to fly home safely. We will continue to provide updates directly to impacted guests and travel advisors when we have more information. As far as the guests and crew still currently onboard our ships, all preventative measures and CDC requirements are in place to ensure their health and safety. We thank our crew and staff for going above and beyond in a very fluid situation to prepare and make all our onboard guests feel safe and comfortable.

  • Azamara Pursuit has successfully ended its sailing in Miami on March 29th. 
  • Both Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest have disembarked all guests and successfully ended their sailings.

5. If my cruise was canceled due to the suspension, and we purchased air or hotel with Azamara - are they refunded also?

If your sailing was suspended between 14 March – 10 May, and your hotel or flights are booked through Azamara ChoiceAir, you will be refunded automatically. Guests with independent air arrangements need to contact their travel advisor or air carriers directly to make all required cancellations. For any airline fees incurred, you may receive up to $500 per person reimbursement. In order to receive reimbursement, please email us a copy of the air change fees assessed to

6. If my cruise was canceled due to the suspension, how will I be compensated for pre- or post land packages purchased through Azamara?

Guests who have purchased pre- or post-land packages through Azamara will also receive compensation in the same form as their cruise fare.

7. Will I still get the same promotional offers when I re-book a new cruise?

Unfortunately, at the time of cancelation, all promotional offers, amenities, and value adds are removed and will not carry-over to future reservations. Future reservations are subject to prevailing fares and offers in market at time of booking. If you have booked any shore excursions, beverage packages, or other pre-cruise purchases, you will receive a refund to the original form of payment.

8. Can I rebook now on the sailing that I know I would like to take?

You can make a deposit and book a future sailing; however, we recommend waiting until you receive your Future Cruise Credit. It will be issued Thursday, April 30th, 2020. You can then apply it to your new reservation.

9. After I receive my 125% Future Cruise Credit (FCC), can I choose to change to the 100% refund?

Yes. All guests have until 31 December 2021 to decide to change their FCC to a refund.

10. If I choose to be refunded, but then change my mind and decide I want a Future Cruise Credit instead, can I do this?

Yes, as long as the refund hasn’t been processed already, we can change the compensation offer back to a Future Cruise Credit.

11. If Azamara should change the embarkation/disembarkation ports, will guests who have booked their air travel through Azamara be rerouted at no additional cost?

Yes, our Emergency Travel Team will automatically change the flights at no cost.

12. Is CruiseCare® refundable?

For canceled or suspended sailings, CruiseCare will be refunded. If guests choose our Cruise with Confidence policy, CruiseCare will not be refunded.

13. What items are refundable on the canceled or suspended sailings?

Full refunds on any canceled of suspended voyages will be provided to guests who booked items directly through Azamara. As a result of this change, we’re providing you with a 125% Future Cruise Credit to come back and sail with us by 31 December 2021. This Includes, Azamara Choice Air, prepaid gratuities, CruiseCare®, pre-and post-hotels and land packages, transfers and any pre-cruise purchases made through Cruise Planner. If a guest decides to cancel their voyage voluntarily under our Cruise with Confidence policy and have booked air travel through Azamara ChoiceAir; they must contact Azamara ChoiceAir for more information on refund policy on a nonrefundable ticket. Guests with Independent air arrangements need to contact their air carriers directly to make all required cancellations.

14. If guests have a Future Cruise Certificate (FCC) that was applied to a sailing we canceled; will the same Cruise with Confidence guidelines apply when booking their new cruise?

The previous Future Cruise Credit will be reinstated with the previous amount used with the original expiration date or extend the expiration date to 31 October 2020, whichever is further out. If the FCC would now be expired, it will be extended to 31 October 2020. This FCC must be used, and guests must sail by 31 October 2020. Once re-activated, it can be combined with the Cruise with Confidence certificate on the new booking.

15. What will happen to canceled or suspended bookings that had Azamara Circle Complimentary nights applied?

You will not lose your complimentary nights. Loyalty members that had complimentary nights applied to a canceled or suspended voyage will receive the value of those complimentary nights back in the FCC so they can redeem on a future voyage with Azamara by 31 December 2021. If you prefer a full refund, your complimentary nights will be added to your profile so you can redeem on a future voyage.

16. Will Azamara Circle members receive full loyalty points for voyages that were shortened while onboard?

Yes, Azamara Circle members will automatically receive full loyalty points for their scheduled itinerary if their itinerary was shortened while they were onboard.

17. Will Azamara Circle members receive additional loyalty points for voyages that were mandatorily extended while onboard?

No, Azamara Circle members will only receive loyalty points up until the original end date of their voyage.


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