Mediterranean Destinations Light Up After The Sun Goes Down

Mediterranean Destinations Light Up After The Sun Goes Down

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Most cruise lines only offer shore excursions during sun-splashed daylight hours, as though the world’s most exciting destinations tuck themselves in for the night after sundown.

Well, Azamara isn’t most cruise lines.

An Azamara cruise ship on one of its many Mediterannean destinations

We know that nightfall brings a whole new array of possibilities to the world of travel. That’s why we’re offering an exciting collection of evening onshore experiences on Mediterranean cruises.

These unique adventures offer you the opportunity to experience the undeniable changes that occur in the world’s best cities after dark. For far too long, these experiences have been inaccessible to cruisers. Azamara cruises are for travelers. After all, why travel all that way only to miss out on starry skies, moonlight beaches, and glittering skylines?

Our onshore excursions shine a light on the Mediterranean’s undeniable evening allure. This part of the world is known for appreciating life’s greatest pleasures with fervor. We’re bringing this passion for life to cruising with nighttime tours that match our sensational daytime experiences. Here are just a few:

Overnight Adventure: Venice & Florence

On this Overnight Adventure, you’ll embark on a two-day adventure, mid-cruise, that showcases a pair of Italy’s greatest cities.

In Venice, enjoy guided tours through signature Venetian landmarks like Doges’ Palace and St. Mark’s Cathedral. Come nightfall, the city quiets and you share the evening splendor with locals. Wander streets illuminated in their evening glory and enjoy a romantic moonlit gondola ride. Marvel at the stunning beauty of the city’s great architecture awash in the twinkle of evening lights. Dine al fresco and enjoy a glass of wine. Stroll through the city’s classic piazzas and join the nighttime revelry that most cruise guests never get to experience.

After spending the night in four-star accommodations, take the fast train to Florence. Enjoy a guided walk through the city, shop legendary Florentine jewelers, and witness the work of Michelangelo. Spend two days and one unforgettable night immersed in Italian greatness.

Cruise Global, Nights Local Series: La Pedrera by Night

Let us take you to a nighttime spectacle of light and sound amid the fantastical confines of Barcelona’s La Pedrera. Considered one of the crowning achievements by the architectural master, Antoni Gaudi, the building is a testament to his reverence for both grand design and minute details. The evening’s showcase is called “The Origins”, a stunning display of lighting effects, projected video, and dramatic music that illuminate Gaudi’s masterpiece and bring it life as can only be done at night. Sip a sparkling glass of Cava and enjoy this sensory journey into the imagination of a superlative architect and artist.

Cruise Global, Nights Local Series: Tasting at Sigalas Winery

Santorini is home to some of the greatest sunsets on earth. So why would a cruise ship leave port before sunset? We stay late in port to bring you the best experiences.

On this Cruise Global, Nights Local excursion, you’ll discover the secrets of Santorini’s viticulture on an unforgettable nighttime visit to the Sigalas Winery. Learn how a great volcanic eruption left the island boasting an incredibly fertile soil, unlike any other place on the planet. Follow an enologist, an expert in the science of wine, on a moonlit stroll through the winery’s sweeping vineyards. Learn about the signature Assyrtiko grape and the many other varieties that thrive here, and gain insight into the art of winemaking, including pruning, selecting, aging and bottling the final product. Of course, no visit would be complete without a sampling of select vintages. Taste five prized wines paired with local snacks.

Afterward, enjoy an evening stroll through the charming village of Firá and a breathtaking cable car ride down the side of the great volcano.

Azamazing Evening: Les Farfadais at The Grimaldi Forum

Monte-Carlo is one of the most glamorous destinations in the world. It simply must be experienced at night! Take in a magical evening of acrobatics during a private showcase at the Grimaldi Forum. This breathtaking waterfront venue is named for the family that has ruled Monaco since the 13th century.

Marvel as the dancers, gymnasts and aerialists of the French troupe Les Farfadais perform mind-blowing feats of beauty and strength. Costumed in shimmering sequins, feathers, and masks, they put on a high-energy show that has dazzled audiences around the world. This AzAmazing Evening is complimentary, and the private performance is reserved for Azamara guests.

These are just a few of the nighttime experiences available right now on our Mediterranean itineraries. Those who believe exploring a destination means more than seeing it under sunny skies are sure to find them quite illuminating.  

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