Turkish Riviera: Yes, There Is Such A Thing

Turkish Riviera: Yes, There Is Such A Thing

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Stunning, vibrant, and home to staggering beauty, the Turkish Riviera is a hidden gem along the shores of the Mediterranean. And one of my favorite destinations along this stretch of coastline is Marmaris. This beautiful port town is said to be the location of the courtship between Antony and Cleopatra. It’s also home to a magnificent marina, classic castles, a fascinating Old Town, and much more.

Aerial view of boats and yachts and architecture at sunset in Marmaris, Turkey.

Taking Time to Take it All In

Sailboats in the dock at sunset in Marmaris, Turket

When I sailed aboard the Azamara Quest, I quickly discovered that the ship never had a bad parking place. And the staff on the ship are always so friendly and attentive. I have to be honest — I never had a sense of urgency that I needed to get up and off the ship. Instead, I leveraged Azamara’s late-night departures and overnight stays. I slept in, I relaxed, and then set off to explore at my own pace. Or, I opted for small group tours that took us off the beaten path to explore. Having that flexibility was something I really enjoyed.

Walkable Wonders

The Marmaris waterfront

Marmaris is a pedestrian-friendly city. Although there are ample cabs outside the cruise terminal, I walked around the marina to look at the yachts. At the end of the marina, I found the bazaar, which had everything a tourist would want: fake designer handbags, jewelry, leather goods, t-shirts, shoes, local crafts, and a fun assortment of local souvenirs like keychains. From here, I made my way to a seaside cafe, where I got cozy and spent time studying the landscape of the surrounding area.

Castle Views

 An aerial view of Marmaris Castle

Afterward, I visited Marmaris Castle. Getting there is half the battle, but walking the steep climb there is worth the effort. You can see the Turkish flag flying high from the top of the castle. The views from the top are breathtaking. You will see almost 270-degrees around, and the view of the water is spectacular. 

Panoramic View from Marmaris Castle

Besides the view, there is a nice collection of antiquities to observe. While you’re here, you can take a guided walking tour of the castle (that also offers some fascinating insights on the city as a bonus!)

Turkish Delights

The Turkish flag flies over the water

And that’s only scratching the surface. Avid adventurers can swim at Cleopatra’s Island during their stay here. Or explore the fascinating traditions of Turkish folklore. You can even set sail down the Dalyan River to discover ancient tombs, learn about turtle breeding grounds, and get your toes in the sand along some absolutely pristine beaches. 

Is the Turquoise Coast calling your name? Check out Azamara’s upcoming sailings to Turkey and the Turquoise Coast today. 

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