A Letter From Captain Carl

A Letter From Captain Carl

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If you’ve set sail with us over the last several years, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Captain Carl Smith. Either onboard the Azamara Quest or as the Senior Captain aboard the Azamara Pursuit. A true original, Captain Carl has been at sea since he was 16 years old when he left the Isle of Man for Venezuela. Since those early days, Captain Carl has set sail on everything from banana boats to oil tankers, eventually making his way to passenger ships.

Captain Carl on deck of the Azamara Pursuit

Along the way, he’s picked up impressive knowledge and perspective that he loves sharing as part of his informative daily reports on the Pursuit, or through his writing. Captain Carl has always loved writing letters, and recently he shared a message with his crew full of his signature passion and zeal. He agreed to let us share a few excerpts with you.   

My Crew,


If you are reading this, then there is a fair chance we have sailed together over the past 13 years. That would make you Azamara. Family. My crew. My family.


I have to admit that I am finding all of this very hard. I don’t like it at all. Saying good bye (sic). Those of you who were with me on the Quest for my last contract will know this. I was a mess.


I have lived with you for over 13 years, some of you anyway. I have met your wives, or said hello to them on Whatsapp as I have passed you. I have met your kids, or seen picture (sic) of when they were born. This is important. Its (sic) important to you, its (sic) important to me. Its (sic) what makes you part of my crew. My family. When I left the Quest, the change was mine. This is affecting all of us. Its (sic) worse.

Looking forward, there are challenges for all of us.


We finished our last “sign off” meeting yesterday. I normally enjoy them, as I see the excitement in your eyes, you are going home. Recently, this has not been the case.


But I have been thinking. I do that a lot. Thinking about family. Mine. Yours. Ours.


Time. The one thing that money can not (sic) buy. Time to make memories. Time to be family. To hug and to kiss. To guide and to educate. Time to be the father, the mother, the brother, sister (,) or friend that you always wanted to be. Time.

This will pass. Time heals all wounds. There is that “time” word again. Work and money will return. Think very carefully about how you spend the next few days and weeks. Time will not return, it slips through our fingers without notice as a rule. Use this time wisely. (...) Make those around you smile. Smiling is free. That is our favourite price (,) after all. Or Complimentary, if you are a guest J (sic) (.)

We will see each other again. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next contract. Maybe not next year. But we will see each other, even if only through facebook (sic), or memories.

For those of you [crew members] currently onboard Pursuit. I will be there at the tender platform as you depart. You are my crew. My family. I love you. All of you. For those of you who join me next contract, I will be there at the gangway. You are my crew also. All of you.

Until then, wherever you are in the world,


Kiss your family. Wash your hands.


Captain Carl

Captain Carl and crew

We’d like to thank Captain Carl for sharing his writing with us. You can learn more about the Pursuit’s charismatic Captain here. Or, learn how he and his crew guided the Pursuit safely home during a recent voyage to remember.

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Until next time, we think Captain Carl said it best, “Kiss your family. Wash your hands.”

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