Friendships Spark and Rekindle on Azamara®

Friendships Spark and Rekindle on Azamara®

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When we think of taking a cruise, we usually think about going as a couple or a family. But others who decide to sail single can still have an amazing time. And it's the opportunity to socialize as a community aboard ship that sometimes creates a magical synergy that can result in a uncanny reunion.

Serendipity happens when you unplug from your smart phone. I decided to have a mobile-free zone during dinner and enjoy the beautiful view of Bordeaux, France.
When you are not obsessed with your phone, someone may take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with you. When a gentleman by the name of Joel and his wife Martha asked to join me at my table, I was delighted. We soon found commonality in a conversation about the USC football team and the love of travel. 
We may have been a bit too boisterous in our conversation with team spirit, because we were overheard by the gentleman next to us, who was also a USC Trojan. His wife Jeanne, on the other hand, was a UCLA Bruin.
Jeanne chimed out to Joel from across their table, “Hey, I know you!” Joel immediately asked her name. In response, Jeanne said, "I went to prom with you."
Jeanne proceeded to introduce herself and said she had been his prom date 51 years ago. 
Everyone at the two tables were astounded, and overjoyed to see old friends reunite on an evening with a perfect sunset, a beautiful breeze and a fantastic view as we sailed away from Bordeaux, our first port of the trip.
Since it is the beginning of our journey, the old friends now have many days to catch up on lost time. 
It is sometimes hard to enjoy the moment when we are constantly staring into a screen, taking photos and broadcasting on our social media channels. Remember to enjoy your surroundings and be in the present, rather than just recording your life to send to your virtual friends. 
Ann Tran

Ann Tran is a luxury travel writer located in Washington, DC. Ann has cruised with Azamara several times throughout Europe and Asia.

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