Finding Nirvana In Norway

Finding Nirvana In Norway

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Norway is filled with nature's nirvana. I felt blessed to be surrounded by such natural beauty in the Norwegian Fjords while cruising with the Azamara Quest. I also am overflowing with gratitude toward Azamara crew for an absolutely perfect, A+, out of the ballpark journey. 

I loved each of my last five cruises with Azamara because of the exceptional service, and I’m always made to feel at home with the crew. It doesn’t feel like I’m traveling alone as my crew family attends to my every need without being overbearing. 

This Norway cruise has a special place in my heart. Nature is where I am at my happiest. I actually found my pace slowing to the sounds of nature and echoes of the majestic Norwegian landscape. How could I not? Being surrounded by waterfalls, sailing through the charming fjords, I was awestruck at every vista and turning point of this stunning country. It is so clean and pristine. 

I’ll never forget the scenes of sheep grazing happily nearby emerald green Lake Loen or watching the cute little goat grazing on the mountainside during our boat trip on the Lysefjord. The guide told us "the goats get to summer up these mountains and the farmer will pick up their friends in the fall.” 

While admiring Lake Loen I asked, "Why are Norway's fjords so green?” The guide explained how the glacier meltwater and all the minerals transported along with it cause the fjords to reflect green. You can see by the photos that I’m not talking just “green,” but a rich and lush emerald green. 

A number of people on my social channels asked how people are able to live in such a cold climate. I wondered the same thing as North Cape is in northernmost Europe, where Atlantic and Arctic oceans meet. After I listened to our local guides and watched a beautiful short movie of the fours seasons at North Cape, also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, I may be brave enough to revisit Norway in the winter. Yes, the cold looks brutal, but the nature photography is unreal! Although my photos and videos give a glimpse of this spectacle of nature, they don’t come close to capturing the beauty of this magnificent country. 

I can report that my fellow passengers were extremely in love with their cruise to Norway, too. We were very fortunate with the generous weather. The first day in Bergen, it drizzled and was overcast. (I still managed to take a few moody images. Patience is key.)  From then on, it was smooth sailing. The warm sun welcomed us in each beautiful port, including the North Cape. Thank you, Thor and all of the weather gods. 

I certainly have the desire to choose more nature-focused cruises in the future as this one really resonated to my core. I hope my journey inspires you to travel to your dream destination. Here’s to safe travels and exploring with your heart. 

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Ann Tran

Ann Tran is a luxury travel writer located in Washington, DC. Ann has cruised with Azamara several times throughout Europe and Asia.

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